Ebuyer or Dabs - A dumb question?

  gazmania 12:02 17 Aug 2003

Okay guys, I Apologise right now.......for this question is going to sound dumb. I am buying some Linksys & Dlink networking gear. Three items that when selected at Dabs total £221. With Ebuyer the bill is £211. Which one should I go for? I've read that Ebuyer's customer service has been somewhat 'naf' on some occassions, but all companies slip up from time to time. I would appreciate the benefit from anyone with experience of these companies.

  athenrye 12:13 17 Aug 2003

for that difference pay the higher price
then email ebuyer and tell them that you bought it from dabs and the reason, they might then improve the customer care in the future.
ive nothing against ebuyer but there is no point in reading reviews to ignore them! hit them in the pocket, and save yourself the hassle or trouble and trade with a better company
if you buy it from ebuyer and it goes wrong, dont then post something calling them for everything its your own stupid fault.....

  -pops- 12:35 17 Aug 2003

I've not had problems with either company but if you look around these columns you will find adverse reports on both as well as a few glowing with praise.

It seems all of these companies are designed to do one thing - that is receive wholesale goods at one door and ship those goods out of another. Anything that disrupts that (like a customer complaint) will cause problems which they are ill equipped to deal with.

If you want good service if, or when, anything goes wrong, these are not the companies to deal with but, neither are most rock bottom price concerns.

  gazmania 12:44 17 Aug 2003

Pops.......that sounds like good counsel. I hear what you say

  -pops- 12:50 17 Aug 2003

Perhaps I should state as well that I've built dozens of machines and bought almost all the components over the Internet from companies like, and including, the ones you mention. I don't have any complaints about any of them.

Have I just been lucky? I don't know. I have made complaints about some things but these have always been sorted out amicably and to my satisfaction. It may take time and persistence but one normally wins in the end.

  rickf 13:44 17 Aug 2003

Not had probs with both cos. Recently ordered from ebuyer and the product was DOA. Got my refund w/o any probs when they confirmed that the product was faulty after testing. All in all it too about two wks.

  Al94 15:19 17 Aug 2003

I can only relate to DABS. NEVER buy anything from them if you want any aftercare service. They are purely "box shifters" and will leave you high and dry if you have a problem with a piece of kit. Can;t phone them, email only, and even if you only need a per eg a power supply, they insist on the full purchase being returned and replacement can take 4/6 weeks. I know from bitter experience but fortunately the manufacturer was more helpfull in the end. Just do a Google search on Dabs customer service!!!!!!

  athenrye 19:26 17 Aug 2003

that settles it then
dont buy from either of them and pick somebody else.....
email them both and explain why, dont let them away with it!
i usually buy from the one supplier all the time until they cock it up, then i complain and move on, dont give them your cash again
its the only way
always name and shame also
hope it works out

  fitcher 22:10 17 Aug 2003

I have bought from both with no problems
but with no after sales counter .and returns
hard to do .I now buy from both of these

  fitcher 22:11 17 Aug 2003

i should have said i do not buy from them sorry

  JJCUK 23:31 17 Aug 2003

I have bought from both , ebuyer only recently.
I have had a couple of minor problems with e buyer but never any with dabs.
e buyer is much harder to contact if you need to
you cannot phone them (the telephone selections tell you where to go on the website)
and you cannot e mail them direct
you need to use their "e notes" system on the website. it took them 9 days to reply , which is a bit disconcerting but my problem was resolved.
Delivery times are excellent with both companies.
I prefer the e buyer website for clarity but dabs usually has more technical info.

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