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  Jdoki 10:04 04 Aug 2005

In my continuing effort to praise companies as much as I criticise them...

I ordered a new printer from ebuyer on Tuesday afternoon this week using Standard Delivery, which should have seen the item arrive on Friday...

I get home from work on Wednesday and the package had arrived.

Fantastic delivery service!

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 10:07 04 Aug 2005

yes i have agree have ordered from them on several occassions though i have never had kit arrive early it has always arrived on the stated delivery date

  Stuartli 11:09 04 Aug 2005

Scan, Dabs, e-Buyer etc all have excellent delivery records.

The most likely reasons for complaints usually involve missing items or having to return damaged or faulty goods; just occasionally it can prove a nightmare to reach a satisfactory conclusion.

However, in view of the vast amount of goods supplied by such outlets over the course of a year, the actual number of complaints is probably quite small ratio wise.

  spuds 13:02 04 Aug 2005

I use Ebuyer on a weekly basis, and their service as always been 100%[well in my case], but yesterday I took a delivery and I was marking it up as 75%.The usually fast cheap delivery was without any problems, ordering and transport wise, but in yesterday case the packing came in at a 'below expected standard' category. Three boxed software programmes and one chunky DSL Router, all packed in a City-Link polythene CityPack. All software packages had been partially squashed, but contents seems okay. In the past Ebuyer have sent similar items in a cardboard box with bubble wrap inside, but not on this occasion, so I hope it was a dispatchers error, and not a standard future routine and procedure for Ebuyer.

I will see what my next consignment brings, possibly next week, before I decide to send a customer observation and suggestion email.

  oresome 18:19 04 Aug 2005

I ordered a camera, case, batteries and memory card on Monday, electing for Friday delivery.

The batteries arrived Tuesday am by Citylink which semed an expensive method of sending 4 AA rechargeables. Luckily, someone was in to receive them.

I've yet to receive notification that the rest of the order has been despatched, but still hoping for the Friday delivery. Have not been let down with previous orders.

  Stuartli 18:47 04 Aug 2005

My best mate had a similar experience with e-Buyer on the first occasion he used the company some two years ago.

He ordered a Minolta Dimage digital camera and an additional 64MB Secure Digital memory cards.

A couple of days later a courier arrived with a big box and a warning to check its contents as it seemed empty.

As the courier looked on, he took out all the box's contents, mostly bubble material for protection purposes, and eventually came across a small plastic case.

This contained, of course, an SD memory card, but it could so easily have been missed...:-)

A frantic call to e-Buyer revealed that nothing was amiss and the next day a much smaller box arrived via the same courier.

You've guessed right. It contained the Minolta.

But two separate deliveries rather than one begs the question why does e-Buyer appear to spend so much on deliveries - it must surely hit profit margins unless it has a very keen contract with its couriers?

  bazb 19:52 04 Aug 2005

e-buyer send items out from different locations, this could be why they came in seperate packages.
Iv'e neaver had any problems with their service, including returns.

  vinnyobee 20:22 04 Aug 2005

Sorry but i`ve had bad service.I tried to buy a new DVD burner,paid for next day delivery,waited in, nothing.Checked the post box next day when I came home from work,yellow card telling me the courier had tried to deliver,so I thought I would cancel my order and go to Dabs,great I thought until I found out that my next day delivery charge was`nt refunded so I tried to complain(via e-mail)nothing.p.s.they give me the delivery date on line when I oredered.

  spuds 12:21 05 Aug 2005

Stuartli-- Ebuyer do state that deliveries can be sent from any one of their three main warehouses [soon to be modified], so goods may arrive in different consignments.I have received similar packages, at not extra delivery costs.

vinnyobee-- For various reasons and Ebuyer explain this, the delivery time and date is estimated.Did you not use Ebuyer tracking system through your account page!.

  Stuartli 13:18 05 Aug 2005

Yes, I'm aware of that.

But the stupidity of sending a tiny Secure Digital card in a box capable of being used for a 17in computer monitor's transportation beggers belief.

As I said, the card was discovered quite by chance - the obvious thought when it arrived was that the box contained the digital camera.

That's why the courier was prepared to act as a witness if necessary after warning the box seemed to be empty.

  Ancient Learner 17:20 05 Aug 2005

Just received an external HD case. My problem is really with City Link.

Wednesday, switch off PC at 5pm prior to spending evening out. Thursday, there was a card through the door timed at 8.47am saying that they had tried to deliver; we didn't here the bell at all! Then I found a message from EBuyer timed at 5.25pm. advising of delivery on Thursday! Later I received another message to tell me that the delivery had been missed.

Bad night, worrying, got up far earlier than normal, we are both retired, at 8.16am the City Link man was spotted leaving our front door. He then got a severe teach-in about the use of bells which he, uniquely hadn't noticed, and a lesson on how to knock properly instead of using a sponge.

Their depot is some 15 miles away, using 2 Motorways and is near a city centre, a journey we did not want to have to make.

I've made two attempts to contact EBuyer, but after some time I gave up on the attempt, as, even they are saying, there are long delays at the moment on their help line.

It doesn't encourage me to use them for future purchases.

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