Ebuyer doing random ID checks - Account Suspended

  lotvic 00:21 14 Jan 2010

until I send them:

"A copy of the picture page of your passport OR picture card of your UK drivers licence along with your passport or drivers licence number.

A utility bill that is at least two months old."

They followed email up with a telephone call to say my order had been cancelled and account has a stop on it until I fax or email the documents.
I have had no problems with previous orders and they say that the check is entirely random and they will eventually work their way through all their customers with this ID Check.

Anybody else had this yet?

(I will be away now until Monday so will look in for replies then)

  Al94 00:33 14 Jan 2010

Sounds very suspicious, scammers looking for ID info perhaps? Why would any retailer do this?

  lotvic 00:43 14 Jan 2010

That was my thought at first, but when I log in to my account on Ebuyer my order has been cancelled and there is a copy of the email they sent me for the ID check attached as a 'Note' to my order.

  [email protected] 00:51 14 Jan 2010

but if there is a note on your account repeating it, one must assume it is true?

I take it you have manually typed ebuyer's address into your browser, and not followed an e-mail link?

If this is true and they ask every customer to do the same, I imagine they are going to lose out on a lot of business! I for one wouldn't be overly keen to send such documents, despite me using ebuyer as my first choice for computer goods for many years now! Not that I wouldn't trust ebuyer with such information, I just find it highly inconvinient, and would oppose the idea of this becoming normal practice for all online merchants.

  [email protected] 00:54 14 Jan 2010

Perhaps you should post a thread in ebuyer's own forums just to confirm?

click here

Also, did you choose your billing address as your delivery address? Perhaps they just find your particular order suspicious for some reason? I'm struggling to accept that ebuyer are going to ask this of all their customers!

  [email protected] 01:02 14 Jan 2010

Just found this on their feedback from their ebay profile (which I found from their forum):

"I paid by Paypal, they demanded ID and util bills, and cancelled my order.

Follow-up by gooner_lynchie (12-Jan-10 23:03):
Despite order being cancelled they did not refund money. I still await refund."

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  KremmenUK 06:56 14 Jan 2010

Divulging that level of information to any 'faceless' company is asking for trouble.

With that level of information you are in line for rapid identity theft IMO.

I would suggest not supplying that info and contact them via phone to see what's going on.

Are you 100% sure that you actually ordered the goods on the pucker Ebuyer website?

  KremmenUK 07:32 14 Jan 2010

Found this on Ebuyer:

click here

  michaelw 08:34 14 Jan 2010

I commend them for this level of security. But I'll be using other companies from now on.

  morddwyd 08:43 14 Jan 2010

Even though they're legitimate, imagine what they could sell such a database, with photographs, to another, legitimate or not, company for.

  ame 12:16 14 Jan 2010

If this is true, surely it can't be legal to take the money first, suspend account and then demand ID? Used them and rcommended them to others in the past, but will stay away now.

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