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  Pilch.... 00:27 14 Jan 2003
  Pilch.... 00:27 14 Jan 2003

No this is not an unhappy customer... I Hope...

I ordered 2 bits on sunday night, for next business day delivery, to arrive Tuesday (Today) and it looks like like i am recieving 1 item which has been invoiced, but another is still awaiting dispatch. Now seeing as i paid for Next day delivery, what rights do i have seeing as i paid extra for this service? Both items where in stock when ordered.

Brief outline of the order here: -
Qty Product Description QuickFind Status Cost Line cost
1 x xxxxxxx Invoiced £xxxx £xxxx
1 x xxxxxxxx Awaiting dispatch £xxxx £xxxx
Carriage £7.99

Deliver by: Tue 14th Jan 2003

Does this mean i shall still recieve both packages later today?or can i then claim that they have only delivered next day and so if the other arrives in a couple of days time then claim back the fee or some of it seeing as i had paid for next day delivery......

  €dstow 08:42 14 Jan 2003

Don't believe anything their stock level information tells you.

Some time ago I ordered an item of which there were 32 in stock. Fine! Placed the order and was met with a response a few hours later that the item "was awaiting stock". I checked the website again and sure enough, it said awaiting stock. I can't believe that 32 of these things were ordered in the time it took for my order to process such that mine missed out. It was on a Sunday and the item was not by any means at the top of the popularity tables.

I won't bore you further with the problems I had trying to cancel the order.


  Coaster3 09:26 14 Jan 2003

I use ebuyer a lot. Their delivery times are a bit iffy but, if you can put up with that, their prices are unbeatable.

Whatever you do, do not try to use their enote system!

  Achoo! 09:30 14 Jan 2003

I think that when you pay for next day or next working day delivery, there is likely to be no guarantee that you will definitely receive the product/item on the next day, it will be more likely that the supplier will send the item under a courier service that (with good faith) should be delivered on the day after it was despatched.
But I've been wrong before....

  Sir Radfordin™ 09:43 14 Jan 2003

You would have to read fully the terms and conditions imposed by Ebuyer on the Next Day Delivery. If they don't say anything about bits being sent out at different times, then you would be entitled to call foul and breach of contract.

I expect however they have thought of that, and there won't be much you can do.

  Pilch.... 09:47 14 Jan 2003

looked today and the other item is now been invoiced to me, so my guess that it is coming from another warehouse....

  Dave.S 10:16 14 Jan 2003

Have you tried phoneing them. I had a case with them where I paid for next day and I ended up having to fetch the item from the courier. I tried there enote's with no success but after having waited for 40 mins on the phone I was refunded all the delivery cost, which is the least they could do as the courier give them a guaranteed next day delivery or DOUBLE there refund !

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