Ebuyer customer service improving?

  Graham ® 19:36 09 Dec 2005

I know I am not alone in suffering poor service from Ebuyer when I have had to return items. Getting a refund on a faulty PC took 12 weeks, and 3 visits to their premises.

This week, however, what a difference! I requested an RMA in the evening, next morning I had it, took the item down to them, that afternoon, refund!

  CMC 42 19:46 09 Dec 2005

It's good to here something positive about Ebuyer for once but I've heard so many bad things about them that I am never going to use them.

Earlier this year (a few months ago) my friend needed a new modem and Ebuyer cancelled their order for no apparent reason!

  Graham ® 19:53 09 Dec 2005

I suppose the acid test would be to give them a ring. You could never get through in the past
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  [email protected] 11:24 12 Dec 2005

some parts I had bought off them were faulty (mobo, CPU and PSU).

The RMA request took a little while to be replied to but as soon as it was, they offered me a choice of days to collect the goods and sure enough City Link were at my door to collect them on my chosen day, Monday. By the next Monday, they had received and tested everything and I had a complete new set being delivered to my door.

I was pleasantly suprised at how quick it was especially after reading so many nightmare posts from people that have had to send things back...

  Niklarse 23:54 14 Dec 2005

A few weeks ago i bought from ebuyer, they messed a few items up (told me they were out of stock when they had 200 in), had things on the pick list that were not in the box. Rang customer service and they sorted it all out.

I even bought a motherboard by mistake, and they gave me an RMA straight away for a refund.

Customer services were great but their picking department must be full of spanners!

  Simsy 06:20 16 Dec 2005

and by that I mean 3 weeks ago, bought a couple of cheap, powered USB hubs. They kind of worked with WinXP, but I couldn't get then to function in win98se, (3 different win98se installations), and so they were no good to me, as I was buying them for others.

Site indicated RMA number turnaround was 3 days. It took 2 phone calls, (I get through fairly quickly to a person, no problem, both times), and a little over a week to get the RMA number.

I've never returned anything to them before so I followed all the instructions very carefully...

They agree to refund the postage, if less than £5, providing I include a postal receipt with the package. This means faffinf around at the post office; getting it weighed, paying for it, getting the receipt, putting reciept in packaging and only then completing the wrapping process!

(If post more than £5 contact them to arrange courier pickup)

Over the next few days i get a sequence of emails telling me that package has been recieved, goods are being tested, agreed faulty, refund being made.

The a refund was made... but not including postage!

I send them an enote. (Site indicating enote turnround time of 7 days)

Within 2 days it is returned saying postage will be refunded, and within a further 2 days it was.

So all in all the system worked, but it was rather a faff. And there is the point that ended up out of pocket by the amount of the original P&P. Not a fortune, but it niggles slightly. I'm not sure how this compares with other online sellers... Luckily I've not had to return anything before, so I've no experience of it!



  Stuartli 10:02 16 Dec 2005

e-Buyer, like so many similar online retailers, has to deal with a vast quantity of products being returned whether, for instance, it's because they are faulty or the wrong item.

I was surprised to learn recently from a major courier's representative that his company provides four returns deliveries a day to Amazon and that's just one courier...:-)

  Graham ® 10:08 16 Dec 2005

I suspect that returned items are not tested, it is far cheaper these days to throw them in the skip and concede they are faulty.

I returned a SmartMedia camera card. For the sake of £20, I can't see them loading it in a camera, taking pictures, then loading into a PC!

  Carpigiani 14:36 16 Dec 2005

I have found Ebuyer to be an excellent company, and providing that you follow their instructions to the letter, returns are not a problem.

Over the years I have needed to return several faulty items under warranty & have never had a problem with getting either a replacement product or a refund.

Sometimes you do need to be a little patient, but what retailer does deal with every problem immediately.

IMHO Ebuyer provide good products and services at a reasonable price.

  Graham ® 16:33 16 Dec 2005

I agree, they do offer good value. They are presently relocating their warehouse and some operations out of Sheffield (sob), which is due to their need to expand as a result of their success.

I do feel they took their eye off the ball for a while, though. Content with orders flooding in, they didn't put manpower into returns, enotes or phone calls.

  Carpigiani 17:04 16 Dec 2005

Graham ®

Yes I do agree that phoning can sometimes be a bit of a problem, luckily I have never had to rely on speaking to them, I did try a couple of times but their lines were busy. Although I have never had to wait long for replies to e notes.

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