ebuyer buying problems....

  Hachi-Roku 20:45 06 May 2003

i have tried countless number of times to order alot of items from ebuyer but the problem is i keep having them rejected cause they send emails back to me saying that they cannot gain access to my credit card to make payment for the stuff. could it be maybe cause i'm trying to use SOLO to pay for the items even though ebuyer supports this method of payment. i entered all my payment details correctly yet still i get rejected! does anybody have any idea as to why? i have enough money in my bank account. could it be because maybe i entered the card number wrong! and if so, do you put dashes, spaces or put the numbers all together? im really getting peed off since i really want to buy some stuff from them! i already contacted them and am still waiting for a reply. just posting here for any ideas!

  snoresloudly 20:54 06 May 2003

You could try sending me your solo card details and I would try ordering for you!! LOL, NO DON'T i was joking . Seriously though I to have trouble with my solo card and E-Buyers so it would appear to be a system glich, tried with a differant card and all was ok, as for E-mail support well you can wait--and wait---and wait--etc.

  Hachi-Roku 20:57 06 May 2003

different card??? right that is going to be a BIG problem for me lol since i dont have any! SOLO is the only card that i have at the moment! well this is just great then! anybody have any other ideas?

  Meshuga 22:19 06 May 2003

Hachi-Roku, You will find that when entering card
numbers they should be entered all together,
IE: no spaces or dashes etc. I have also noticed that a lot of garages refuse to take Solo cards
in payment but I dont know the reason.
You say you have a bank account so do you have a Switch card, if so why not use that. Regards,

  Pilch.... 23:04 06 May 2003

I use it for ebuyer a lot, all works ok.

My ebuyer order tonite, still havent had any email's.....

The petrol station and solo is a pain, filled up the other day to the top went to pay, and they dont take solo, and dont have a cash point.. thankfully asda do have cash point!

  Hachi-Roku 23:39 06 May 2003

well i must have a world record of over 1000 reject mails now since im still trying and it wont work! i would like to get a credit card but just cant at the moment!

  -pops- 08:14 07 May 2003

Have you tried using the same card elsewhere online?

It may be that there is an error in what the figures on the card are telling ebuyer's computer or, what ebuyer's computer is telling the one at the bank.

Remember as well, there are other places to shop online and my thoughts would be that if ebuyer are so reluctant for me to shop there, I would go elsewhere.


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