Ebuyer - awful customer service. Do NOT buy from Ebuyer

  funkadelia 15:34 06 Sep 2012

Please, under NO circumstances buy from Ebuyer, the worse company I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with...

I have received the most awful customer service imaginable from Ebuyer. I recently bought a £500 Acer Aspire laptop which worked fine for a few weeks until I placed it on my desk one evening and woke to find that it had a significant screen bleed on right hand side of the display. The laptop has been sensibly stored each evening and has received light use since I bought it.

I informed Ebuyer and they asked me to return the laptop. I received no information from them - other to confirm that they had received the machine - until seven days later when I was sent the email below. It contains no detail as to what ‘physical damage’ they refer to. I find this attitude to customer service appalling.

On ringing the company, I was told that the laptop had been physically damaged (the screen had a crack in it) and the damage was not covered under terms of the warranty. I told them that the laptop was packed in its original box and when it left my care had no crack in it whatsoever. Continuing to refute their implication that I had damaged the laptop, I found that I met a ‘brick wall’ and they would not provide me with any aftercare. I asked Ebuyer to consider that it may have been broken in transit but they told me that the courier was not their responsibility.

I am now preparing to receive a laptop back that is unusable. To make matters worse, I have no funds available to repair or replace the machine. I will continue to inform review sites, together with Which magazine of the inadequate service I have been provided.

I have since received photos from Ebuyer showing the impact area. In response I have sent them photos taken of the laptop before it was sent showing the area of screen bleed but absolutely no impact mark. I'm even considering that would have make the mark themselves just to avoid liability as the laptop was protected in polystyrene and packaged as it had originally been sent!

Again, do NOT buy from Ebuyer!

Ebuyer Customer Support [email protected] 11:41 AM (2 hours ago)

[Physical Damage]

RMA Number:1158042

Dear Paul Hodge,

The damage caused to your returned goods is not covered by warranty. The goods will be returned with no further action. Kind regards, Ebuyer Technical Support www.ebuyer.com

  woody 15:56 06 Sep 2012

Would this be better under "Consumer Advice". I have had a number of items from "Ebuyer" - never had a problem.

  KRONOS the First 16:21 06 Sep 2012

Whenever I return items I take lots of photos just because this might happen. It costs nothing these days what with most phones having a camera and most people having a digital camera.

I appreciate this does not help you but make note should you ever have too return an item again. But I am with woody I to have never had a problem with Ebuyer customer service.

If your the laptop screen has impact damage then it follows that the packaging will also show signs of damage in the same area, something you could have asked Ebuyer, I would also stress that you want the laptop returned in the same packaging as you sent it so that you can check for damage yourself.

  Joseph Kerr 16:25 06 Sep 2012

I'll decide where I shop, thanks, and I don't feel I owe you any favours.

  lotvic 16:25 06 Sep 2012

Best go to Trading Standards http://www.tradingstandards.gov.uk/advice/index.cfm for help to sort it. Good that you have photos of bleed fault that shows no crack.

  KRONOS the First 16:34 06 Sep 2012

Oops I missed the bit where you had taken photos,sorry. But checking the packaging still stands.

  Forum Editor 19:34 06 Sep 2012

The first thing to say is that we don't approve of people warning our forum members not to buy from a company on the basis of one bad experience. Ebuyer has an excellent reputation for customer service, we see very few complaints about the company in our forum.

Secondly, your inference that the company may have deliberately made an impact mark on the laptop in order to avoid liability is completely uncalled for. Ebuyer is a big business, and it isn't likely to risk the severe damage to its reputation that such an act would cause.

The company was wrong to tell you that it wasn't liable for damage that may have occurred in transit. A supplier is responsible for the safe delivery of goods up to the moment that you sign for them; your contract is with Ebuyer, not the courier.

Under the provisions of current consumer legislation Ebuyer is liable for any fault which reveals itself within six months of the date of purchase. Broadly speaking the law assumes that the fault was present at the time of purchase, unless the supplier can demonstrate otherwise. The problem comes when a supplier, having examined the goods, decides that a fault has been caused by misuse, or is accidental damage caused by a consumer. This is what has happened in your case. and it can be a very difficult situation to resolve. The best way forward, in fact the only way forward is to reason with your supplier. You say the damage was not caused by you, Ebuyer says it was. It's one person's opinion versus another's.

Nobody in this forum can make a judgement because to be very blunt we only have your account of the situation. That isn't to say I doubt anything you've said, but I'm sure you see our difficulty. Talk to Ebuyer in a reasonable fashion, and tell them we've advised you to do so. You never know, they may have a change of heart.

  Forum Editor 19:36 06 Sep 2012

This thread should be in our Consumer advice forum, and I'm moving it over there now.

  morddwyd 20:39 06 Sep 2012

Just for background I seem to recall earlier threads about unexplained Acer Aspire screen cracks (nothing to do with my own recent problem, which was entirely my fault!), a case involving somebody's daughter at uni?

  funkadelia 21:48 06 Sep 2012

Thank you so much for all your contributions.

I am pleased that I took photos before I sent the laptop away.

Chronos - as previously, excellent advice thank you so much for taking the trouble!

Joseph Kerr - err, did I ask for any favours? Not sure what you mean; surely I'm asking for advice not favours.

Iotvic - more useful advice; thank you so much!

Forum editor - all I can say is that PC advisor customers must have a golden relationship with Ebuyer; members of other forums and consumer review sites may have something else to say about Ebuyer's record in this area. As for my second comment, every day I read about the illegal and underhand tactics of large, reputable companies. Were it not for Ebuyer's complete refusal to consider investigating the courier company I would not have suggested such a thing. And if you were to read my comment you would have seen that I mention the word 'considering'. They have effectively accused me of lying (a professional educational consultant); I equally feel that my reputation is in question. But thank you for your last few comments; I will endeavour to send a paraphrased response using your advice.

  funkadelia 22:11 06 Sep 2012

Thank you all very much for your very valued and considered comments.

Attached are the photographs I took before I packaged my laptop to send to Ebuyer. Attached Thumbnails

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