kidsis 13:54 26 Jul 2008

hi, just wanted to recommend ebuyer (no I do not work for them etc etc). Sad to say it makes a change having something good happen. I went to PCWorld to buy a couple of (inexpensive) accessories and felt the prices were astronomical for what I wanted. I remembered someone recommending ebuyer, went to their website and found what I wanted at a reasonable price. At first the post and packing charge looked too dear, but there were a few options for p+p including 5 day delivery which brought the charge down. I went ahead, and very quickly got an e mail to say one item was not in stock. There was a link to their site, where they suggested something very similar, and I went with that. I received the items yesterday. I must say I was pleased with their service, from the web site design to final delivery. The site is easy to use and their system is very helpful. I would certainly recommend this site and as long as items are not wanted urgently p+p is reasonable. Anyone know why p+p is so dear, I stopped using dabs/amazon for that reason.

  spuds 14:32 26 Jul 2008

Not trying to be funny, but I think Ebuyer recommendation and approval might have already been registered on this forum many times. Quite a number of forum users plus myself use Ebuyer on a regular basis, for the same reasons you have provided. So top marks to that one.

On a personal note, I also use Amazon on a weekly basis, mainly their Market Place, and I have never had a problem yet, or at least, ones that have not been sorted in rapid time. So on a personal note, top marks to Amazon as well.

  roythedude 14:54 26 Jul 2008

Ebuyers service is good but its badly let down by them charging about £1 a minute for support.

  chub_tor 21:42 26 Jul 2008

ebuyer does charge for telephone support it is true, but the two times when I have had to return goods I have used their web service and found it responsive and helpful. I obtained a full refund withing two weeks, they picked up the goods at no charge and needless to say they are my first choice for buying computer hardware.

  jakimo 22:29 26 Jul 2008

By typing ebuyer(or any other supplier)in Search Forum at top of the page will bring up all previous comments about your selected subject

  michaelt001 22:56 16 Sep 2008

Disagree about eBuyer. Bought TomTom software for my phone and the maps supplied were not the latest maps. Complained to eBuyer by phone and letter and didn't even get a reply

  chub_tor 10:55 17 Sep 2008

When I had a problem with a defective product from ebuyer I used the enote system on the User Account page and I found the procedure very easy. The problem was dealt with quickly and effectively, the product was picked up at ebuyer's expense and a credit charge was made on my credit card within a few working days after they received the goods and checked that they were faultly.
Did you try the enote system?

  spuds 11:13 17 Sep 2008

You could try Amando Sanchez Ebuyer Operations Director on 01430 433 616 click here

  lofty29 21:23 17 Sep 2008

Used ebuyer quite a few times and always found them first class

  Totally-braindead 22:16 17 Sep 2008

I'm afraid I no longer use them as they messed things up on 2 seperate orders and it took ages to get the money back from them for a load of faulty parts.
I did get the money back it just took that long I no longer use them.
Everyone to their own I suppose.

  Stuartli 22:30 17 Sep 2008

Had no problems with e-Buyer.

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