joe95 16:30 09 Jan 2005

I am trying to buy some stuff from the company but everytime I try to set up an account it says there is one already registered. I have never been to this site before and it would there is no way of getting in touch except by e-mail using your account which I have never had.
Can anyone help please. Thanks

  €dstowe 16:47 09 Jan 2005

Try using a different name.

  joe95 16:51 09 Jan 2005

the account has been set up with my address etc so changing name won't help

  Forum Editor 17:09 09 Jan 2005

that someone else has set up this account - have you recently moved to your present address for instance?

  €dstowe 17:58 09 Jan 2005

I have two ebuyer accounts, both for the same address and almost the same name 1. €dstow 2. €dstowe. Those aren't the actual names but the difference is very small, comprising one letter added.

If the address is the problem, you might try the letter change trick with that.

Note that you are dealing with a computer in this and what you see as minor changes are major differences to a computer.

  joe95 23:47 09 Jan 2005

thanks used my Sunday name worked fine will have to start taking the pills again. J

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