rickimalone 00:26 08 May 2004

Just have to say what great service i've had from ebuyer bought my entire PC including monitor all retail boxed because its my first PC for under £450.

All was delivered under a week for two shipment costing £4.99 each.... Very happy and impressed.

Im currently in help from thread PC DIY(UPDATE)B where if you wannt to laugh at me trying to put it all together.......

  Stuartli 09:04 08 May 2004

Glad that you are happy with e-buyer.

I've vowed never to deal with them again and, it seems, have quite a lot of other people. Here's just one link offering mixed opinions:

click here

  spuds 15:48 08 May 2004

Purchased a number of items from ebuyer, never had any problems so far, but there is always a first time I suppose.

Would recommend that you read the product reviews,if available.Well worth checking, and ebuyer do not delete bad reviews.

  pj123 17:43 08 May 2004

Like spuds I have never had any problems with ebuyer, but like he says "there is always a first time". My first time was at least 40 years ago with a well known retailer, I have never been into their shop since.

  rickimalone 17:57 08 May 2004

Yes I agree with that I dont think anyone, bar crucial, doesnt have a tale of woe about it.

Regarding the reviews I think there great and they also helped me when making purchasing my items...

  user123 19:46 08 May 2004

From my experience they are not very good. I had the opportunity to buy PcCips motherboards and from 3 one was faulty. Memory - the same crap. If you use their cheap memory you risk to have to return it. I have also purcsed a few cheap cases - never again - too flimsy. i ordered the powerc cords with them and they arrived later than i asked for.
On the 1 to 10, I would give them:
2 for customer services
7 for range of the products
3 for delivery
5 for qulaity
8 for price

  bruno 20:04 08 May 2004

Never had a problem on many deals.

  spuds 20:49 08 May 2004

Did you read the reviews!!

  Stuartli 09:56 09 May 2004

Remember the story about three or four years ago about PCChips allegedly making false claims about one of its motherboard's bus speeds?

It's now owned by Elite which makes good value low cost mobos - my P6BXT-A+ Elite board has never missed a beat in five years and was the first on the market to be able to use either a Slot 1 or Socket 370 based CPU.

Elite, one of the world's first mobo manufacturers, also produces the cheaper motherboards for Asus, which rebadges them under its own name. The agreement was set up about two to three years ago.

  user123 10:20 09 May 2004

read the reviews yourself. I am reading them all the time. One of its products for example - the H7650 case.
The case its a budget case, but ebuyer has two versions of it and if you are lucky, you get that case with a good PSU and side window, if you are not, you get a noisy PSU and no side window. I didnt believe, but it happened to me this too :) I am not a gambler and I said that I will not buy from ebuyer unless they sell a product that nobody else has.

I consider ASUS, Elite, PcCips and Asrock motherboards that can not compare to Gigabyte or Biostar and therefore I am not buying any of these anymore.

  rickimalone 11:16 09 May 2004

Oh all of my reviews were spot on, the budget case I bought is well made, no sharp edges, very sturdy and has loads of room to work in.

The mother board ASUS A7VX-X had 145 reviews all positive and I can see why and the rest of the stuff I bought had good reviews and recieving them I agree.

In regards to the above post I cant understand why you would buy it if it had reviews telling you there is a fifty fifty chance of getting a crap one??? Its beyond me, I had a review like that regarding an Ebuyer PSU, so I bought a better one, simple???

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