Iceman1978 23:29 21 Aug 2003

I purchased a radeon 9600 Pro, from ebuyer last week, it came today, but I seemed to have received the 9600 non pro. The box is definately the non pro version, but when the card is installed it displays it as a 9600 pro. This is definately not the pro model, as there's a heatsink and no fan on the gpu. This to me is very dodgy as people who do not know pc's that well could get the wrong product & not even realise.

  Forum Editor 23:44 21 Aug 2003

about this?

If you haven't I suggest that you do so immediately. If you have received the wrong product in the right box ebuyer, as a responsible supplier, will want to know about it.

  Iceman1978 11:47 22 Aug 2003

Yep I got onto them straight away, hopefully they will sort it quickly.

  ardvarc 12:33 22 Aug 2003

I had a similar unpleasant experience with Ebuyer. I ordered a MSI Motherboard and there was plenty in stock. When I received the order the most important part was missing, the backing plate, along with the 'D' bracket and other components. I was told in no uncertain terms that Ebuyer do NOT inspect incoming orders from their suppliers and send them out as is even though the boxes are not sealed. Be prepared for a lot of hassle and pushed from one person to another. It took 6 weeks for Ebuyer to sort my order out. Payment was taken from my account the day the order was placed. I have copies of all correspondence and they contain downright lies to pathetic excuses. I eventually found a lady who was detertimined and tenacious and she sorted in a couple of days what Kevin Stone and his colleagues couldn't do in weeks. Her first name is Bekki

  ardvarc 12:40 22 Aug 2003

I don't know why but that posted itself. I was not going give the full name of the lady concerned, just to let Ebuyer know, if they are lurking that some of their staff put themselves out for customers of long standing and especially that lady in particular.

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