eBooks more expnesive than paper

  gazzaho 05:46 30 May 2010

I was considering the purchase of an eBook reader like a SONY or Amazon Kindle as opposed to an iPad (too expensive and uses a LED rather than E ink screen) mostly because of the space physical books take up, that was until I had a look at the prices of ebooks compared to paperbacks.

I would have expected an ebook to be less expensive rather than more expensive than a paperback as there are no printing costs involved.

It would seem book publishers are trying to discourage the sale of ebooks rather than promote them by artificially keeping ebook prices high. If this is the case I may purchase one for the hell of it, lol.

I was wondering what opinions others had on the subject?

  wiz-king 07:00 30 May 2010

You are looking at the price of a 'reader' not of the book, you can get lots of reading on a 'reader', several hundred books. You an get a lot of free reading fro Project Gutenberg click here.

  Forum Editor 08:16 30 May 2010

at a higher cost than the printed version.

If you click here for instance, you'll see ebooks priced at around 20% less than the printed ones.

  interzone55 08:18 30 May 2010

gazzaho is quite correct, in many cases the e-book downloads are more expensive than physical books.

At Waterstones the hardback copy of 61 Hours by Lee Child is £9.49 (the RRP is £18.99) but the e-book download is £13.48 (the RRP is £19.40)

This is ridiculous, considering the manufacturing and distribution costs are almost zero...

click here
click here

  Forum Editor 09:54 30 May 2010

The manufacturing and distribution costs are not the whole story - copyright fees are involved, and they're applicable whether you buy a print copy of a book or an ebook version.

I'm not defending the sellers here, just pointing out that there are other factors involved in book costs.

  acfc 10:12 30 May 2010

I would buy an ebook reader tomorrow if books were competitively priced. Electronic format is both more convenient and more enviromentally friendly (printing and distribution).

But I can go and buy both a Jack Higgins and John Grisham novel from Tesco for £7 for both or use the site FE linked to and pay over £14.

Now let me think........

  canarieslover 11:22 30 May 2010

And when you have finished reading them they could be donated to a charity shop. Can't see how you would do this with ebooks so a lot of charity shops would lose out on a considerable part of their income. What about hotel 'libraries' where guests leave books for others enjoyment, killed by ebooks.

  gazzaho 11:55 30 May 2010

I decided to buy a Sony PRS 600, I found one for £200 on the net.

You got it, Waterstones is one of the sites I looked at when comparing prices, along with a few others. I know about the free ones, but it seems most newly released books are, in general, more expensive in ebook format. As I'm new to the format however I may find sites with more competitive prices as I shop around, at least I hope so.

Thanks for the feedback and links, I'm guessing that prices may drop over the years as the format becomes more popular, that is if the iPad doesn't put a nail in the ereader coffin before then, lol.

  wee eddie 12:36 30 May 2010

No Printing Costs.
No Stock to Finance.
No Distribution Costs.
No Wholesaler's Profit to factor in.
No Retailer's Profit to factor in.
No Remainders to bother about.

Authors get a a relatively small amount of money for each book sold. So not much there then.

No difference in set-up costs for sales of 1 or 1,000,000.

As Snipcock would say ~~~~ "Trebles all round then"

  interzone55 17:12 30 May 2010

I know there are other fees, just as there are with physical books, but the manufacturing and distribution costs for an e-book are next to zero when compared with the same costs for a paperback or hardback book.

  acfc 22:12 30 May 2010

I do actually give my read books to a local charity shop although at the price they sell them on at I doubt it is a big part of their income.

The point remains hard copy is less envireomentally friendly and logic would suggest ebooks should be cheaper than printed ones.

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