ebook readers...

  knockin on 16:23 12 Nov 2008

such as the Sony ebook reader or the iLiad 2nd Edition. Not strictly PC I know, but similar tech.

Has anyone first hand experience of these devices?

I am attracted by the idea, but looking into the wide variation of price and capability is a trifle confusing.

I would appreciate any feedback you might wish to give.

Thanks in anticipation.

  Kemistri 18:06 12 Nov 2008

PC Pro has a good article about e-readers this month, though it hasn't yet appeared on its website as I write this. The issues that surround these devices are, as you say, tricky to judge. If I were you, I might wait a little longer and see how it pans out regarding DRM, formats, availability, etc.

  knockin on 18:23 12 Nov 2008

Yes, thanks Kemistri. (Can't think what happened to the beginning of the first sentence in my posting.)
The idea of having a number of books in one small package when travelling really appeals to me.I'll look out for the PC Pro article.

  Goofyish 19:04 12 Nov 2008

I've looked at the available readers and the Sony certainly has the best looks. The Iliad has the most functions including the ability to 'write' notes in the books - useful for people studying. The downside of the Iliad is the cost!
The other one that I've looked at is the Cybook Gen3. Similar price and screen (E-Ink) to the Sony but doesn't look as nice.
Others to look at:

BeBook Ebook Reader
Amazon Kindle 2

I'm sure prices will fall and choice of devices increase as they catch on.
There also seems to be quite a few different eBook formats (including as always Sony's own). Not sure what choice of books will be available on each format!

  knockin on 19:22 12 Nov 2008

The capabilities certainly vary, as you say. iLiad is the most expensive I have seen but it does seem to support the most formats and come with important accessories, so difficult to evaluate.

Haven't heard of the ones you mention, Goofyish, so more to look at yet.

Maybe if I take long enough to decide, maybe the prices will have fallen?? (says he hopefully)

  laurie53 20:07 12 Nov 2008

I've bought the Sony for herself for the present giving time in December.

No first hand experience yet of course, but it is the most like a hard copy book of all the examples I've seen.

Given the battery life, and the 100 books included free, it was really no contest.

  interzone55 11:15 14 Nov 2008

I'm puzzled about why the eBook versions of books are either the same price, or more expensive than the hardback equivalents.

I know there is a cost to digitise a book, but once that's done the only additional cost is the bandwidth to send the book to the customer, which I'm sure is cheaper than printing...

  knockin on 10:15 15 Nov 2008

I think the answer might be profit margins, Alan 14.
Thanks for your observations everyone.

  interzone55 15:06 15 Nov 2008

Of course the answer is down to profit margins, but why anyone would think this is fair is the puzzle.

Surely the retailers should realise that everyone can see they're being robbed and drop their prices accordingly...

  laurie53 15:57 15 Nov 2008

No-one will drop prices until sales drop, and at present they are very healthy.

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