Tick Tock 16:20 19 Mar 2005

I am about to register and has anybody used paypal
for payments and can it be recomended.

  wiz-king 16:48 19 Mar 2005

Put ebay or paypal in the box, there are lots of threads

  Al94 18:22 19 Mar 2005

Use both regularly with no problems of any description. All I would say is read the item descriptions carefully and try to go for sellers with a fair number of transactions and 100% feedback.

  Mr Mistoffelees 18:26 19 Mar 2005

I have also had no trouble with eBay and Paypal. I do however, as recommended above, check feedback carefully before buying.

  Wilham 18:37 19 Mar 2005

Tick Tock: As a buyerI find PayPal useful,... it is quick, I have a clear email to confirm payment has been made to the seller, and PayPal also gives the seller my address for the goods.

What annoys me is Ebay's lax attitude to sellers who surcharge PayPal users. Ebay's trading rules strictly prohibit this. Below I've just copied an extract from their PayPal FAQ...

"My seller wants me to pay extra for using PayPal. Is this allowed?
Sellers who accept electronic money services as a means of payment for an item purchased on eBay, may not impose a surcharge (or extra fee)."

  g0slp 19:39 19 Mar 2005

I agree with Wilham. I simply don't trade with such folk, however...

  Mr Mistoffelees 20:25 19 Mar 2005
  g0slp 20:54 19 Mar 2005

Wilham's point is that whilst eBay does say thiat it's not allowed, they don't (seem to) take action against traders who do.

Hence I don't use such people!

  muscic lover 00:19 20 Mar 2005

I have used pay pal and find it useful, BUT as said before .....
CHECK THE SELLERS FEEDBACK. I never use anyone with less than 98.5% positive. It can stop a lot of heartache and ££ missing if you do! happy bidding!

  [email protected] 00:58 20 Mar 2005

used ebay for the first time this week and sold my first item tonight (even with NO feedback surprisingly) for a lot more than I was expecting.

Found it easy to use once the setting up PayPal which takes a few days to set up direct debit.

As long as you stick to sellers that have lots of positive feedback (which isn't me yet lol) and use common sense then you should be okay.

A good thing to remember when using Ebay: If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is!

Also look out for members that sell information or links. They sometimes word it very crafty so that it seems you are actually buying the item.

Finally, NEVER be fooled buy fraud e-mails offering sales outside of ebay even when they pretend they are authorised to do this by ebay and provide a very genuine looking links. Every genuine ebay sell will be done through the website. If a seller asks for payment through western Union, beware, there is no way of tracking them.

  [email protected] 01:04 20 Mar 2005

and noticed I went a bit off topic.

I don't have an awful lot of experience with paypal but it has a very good reputation.

One thing I wasnt aware of is that there are a lot of fees involved, both ebay and Paypal. Paypal stings you for 20p + 3.4% of the final cost.

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