mbp 14:45 28 Oct 2004

I cannot seem to find anything on eBay from Search, so I would like to ask, whether on the whole people are satisfied with their bargains they have had from eBay immediate sale items?

  peter4076 15:25 28 Oct 2004

100% Yes, I have bid quite a few times but seem to Phissed at seconds to go, so the buy now deal (if I can't find it any cheaper )is okay with me. Some of the deals are over seas, but it works for me.
Phissed is that a word.

  smokingbeagle 16:38 28 Oct 2004

Last second bidding is "sniping"

  vador 19:20 28 Oct 2004

Yes depends what your looking for, like yourself found the first couple of times at auctions frustrating due to snipers in the last seconds. But hae thats what these places are about(is an auction). Since then I have got some cracking bargins and I know people who swear by this method of buyimg, suppose its like being at the auction and there is always the chance you can pick-up a bargin bit like a car boot.

  spuds 22:28 28 Oct 2004

Angus--Off tangent slightly,perhaps you were thinking of click here ;o))

  Mr Mistoffelees 07:52 29 Oct 2004

When I started using eBay it soon became clear to me that the only way to beat the bid snipers is to join them. Got some great bargains that way too. Got my cpu (Athlon XP 3200+) for £192 inc p&p when most online retailers where still selling them for more than £300.

  Al94 09:26 29 Oct 2004

Absolutely great auctionhouse, have bought and sold dozens of items, satisfied with prices both ways. Of course have lost out on items but it is an auction and gr8 fun trying to get in at the end with a bid as long as you don't get carried away.

  joel42 11:12 29 Oct 2004

Have used both for several years. Never had any problems especially when paying by PayPal

  pj123 14:10 29 Oct 2004

Just make sure you stick to your maximum price and do not, repeat, DO NOT go beyond it. I have seen items go on the auction for about £10 cheaper than the new price, and then the delivery charge fetches the cost up to more than they could have bought it new locally. I have had some really good bargains on ebay. If you miss one it will come up again another day. Just keep trying. I wanted an Epson R200 printer and kept getting outbid, but there are lots of R200s on there and I managed to get one at the price I wanted to pay in the end, and it was brand new and boxed.

  mbp 17:22 29 Oct 2004

Is it obligatory to use Pay Pal? How safe is this route?

  pj123 17:27 29 Oct 2004

No it is not obligatory to use Paypal. I don't and won't use Paypal. Just tell the seller that you will send a cheque. You will obviously have to wait a while before the cheque clears but at least it is safe.

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