ebay 'special offers.'

  bta1 21:56 06 Mar 2004

Whats the deal with the auctions on ebay offering 'x box for £20' and then saying they will send you a link to a website where you can get it from?
I havn't parted with my £5.99 but it does look very tempting.
Whats the catch? How come i don't know about these sites anyway?
Anyone know?

  agarm11 23:24 06 Mar 2004

Pyramid scheme type C**p, personally I would keep well away! The catch is he gets your money, and the chances are it will never turn up!!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:25 06 Mar 2004

It is for a matrix site where there has to be a number of sign-ups before you get the goods...it is a con, aimed at people who should not be trusted with money and total cobblers.

I will post you the email addy of the website that people are paying £££££'s for.......click here

click here

click here
and as a bonus there are two more ;-)).

If the dimwits that aimlessly bid for these 'bargains' would sit and think for a minute they would realise that, if it were true, a plasma TV could be had for £175, they would make more selling it on Ebay than selling the web Addy's to the cerebrally challenged. If it looks too good to be true...........


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