Ebay - Selling stuff this time....

  tammer 13:26 06 Jun 2007

Ok folks,

You might have followed my - "Buying stuff on ebay" and "unlocking phones" threads? Well now I'm going to sell the locked phone back on ebay and it will be the first item I've ever sold.

Are there any pitfalls or lessons you've learned the hard way that would be of use to me?


  alan2273 16:26 06 Jun 2007

Also do not go mad on all the extras E-Bay offer ( like pretty templates and extra pictures etc) as these all cost money and soon add up.
When E-Bay charge you you will not only pay for the options you selected for the sale advert you will also have to pay a percentage of the price you obtained for the sale and with Paypal you also have to pay them a percentage.

  tammer 16:56 06 Jun 2007

See here:

click here

  tammer 16:58 06 Jun 2007

Thanks for the feedback so far.

PAMY - why do you not use pay pal?

  spuds 17:48 06 Jun 2007

Pamy as a valid point. PayPal can be a saviour for transactions, but when things go wrong!.

Describe the goods truthfully, but be realistic.

Good close-up photos go a long way.

Keep the postal delivery charges reasonable. Make sure that you do not run at a loss, its easily done. Check weight and size before quoting postal costs.Postal and delivery arrangements can result in non-bidders. Offer insurance at extra cost or obtain Certificate of Posting (foc).Post item as soon as possible. If there is or will be delay, state this to the possible buyer.

Try to respond to 'sensible' email requests. You may get the 'odd' email, be careful, especially with mobiles.

Think about a reserve price, it can be an advantage as well as a disadvantage for you or a possible buyer. Some people charge a large deliver charge to cover the cost of the item.

Everyone as to start somewhere, and feedbacks can help. Some with zero rating, who outbids other buyers need careful consideration.The same rule applies to 'new' sellers.

  tammer 14:41 10 Jun 2007

I stuck my phone on Ebay yesterday with a closing date of next Saturday. Within half an hour, I was emailed by ebay to say that they were suspending my account as my behaviour may be regarded as suspicious!

I would stress that there was nothing dodgy about my advert and an only assume it's because it's the first item I've tried to sell.

I now have to send proof of purchase, copy passport etc to their offices in Ireland.

Has this happened to anyone else? And do Ebay actually stop any of the bad guys, rather than picking on honest people like myself?


  spuds 15:22 10 Jun 2007

eBay have tightened up recently on their security procedures, something in your advert or because of the length of time being eBay registered, must have triggered off a warning flag possibly.

Before you send anything, I would check to see if the advert as been removed.I would also suggest that you phone eBay to confirm their requirements, more so if the advert is still active.

  Terry Brown 21:03 10 Jun 2007

Thee has been a couple of incidents recently where a cheque has been cleared by the bank, then later the bank has a problem with the buyer and the funds are withdrawn from your bank, although they were clear in the first place.I believe this was mainly to do with overseas buyers.
Be Careful

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