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  User-AAE8A2A1-F803-4ACB-B9F96B4C0B5B570C 15:44 13 Feb 2003

There have been various threads regarding aspects of buying on ebay. Has anyone tried to sell on ebay and if so were you successful? I have some non it items to sell and i am thinking of going down this road. Your feedback would be welcome.

  Rose 16:00 13 Feb 2003

Hi, I've sold a load of computer related stuff on ebay without any problem at all. I've been careful to always package the goods well and have posted them to the buyer as speedily as possible after receiving payment. All transactions have gone without a hitch but the onus is on you to deliver a great service. I made a considerable profit from stuff that I had finished with which was simply lying around here taking up space. In my view the majority of people trading on ebay do play fair. Go for it and good luck, just one word of warning, it can become addictive!

Totally agree with Rose. Recently sold some (Genuine) software on Ebay and received three times the amount I would have settled for. Buyer actually paid within three minutes of auction closing as well!

As said, its upto you do describe the goods accruately and in this regard the more detail yo can give the more chances you have of getting a better price.

Go for it - you have nothing to lose and much to gain!

  Coaster3 16:43 13 Feb 2003

I have been using ebay a lot recently, mainly selling a coin collection. This you must bear in mind are:

Make sure you know the postal charges before you put the item on. Insist that the buyer pays the postage.

If it's an expensive item, charge for Special Delivery so that you are covered to at least £250.

If anyone sends a cheque, wait until it clears before you send the goods.

For less expensive items send by Recorded Delivery and there's no arguemant that you haven't sent it.

Know the value of an item so that you can place a reasonable reserve price.

Good luck.

  Coaster3 16:45 13 Feb 2003

Incidentally, Paypal cost a £1 to transfer cash to your account and so I always insist on payment by cheque.

  Pilch.... 17:34 13 Feb 2003

why not say £1 fee for charges incurred if pay pal is used?

Any how, i sold a legitimate copy of Excel 97 or 2000, cant remember which, thought i might get £10 for it, ended up at £30 so i was chuffed, also other bits like power adapter for laptop things like that.

  Coaster3 17:49 13 Feb 2003

You can only transfer a minimum of about £27 from Paypal to your bank account and there is no upper limit. It doesn't matter how much you transfer, the fee is still £1.

It would hardly be fair to charge a pound to someone buying an item for say £5.

I have found that Paypal is only really useful when selling abroad, I have sold a number of items in the USA and, in that case, Paypal is convenient and I ask the seller to add a certain amount on up to £1.

  Pilch.... 20:13 13 Feb 2003

i use nochex most of the time, no limit to how much you can exchange between that and bank account.

  tran1 20:42 13 Feb 2003

I have sold some PC games on ebay recently and actually made profit on one of them!

I good tip is to include a photo of your items. Don't use the commercial pictures of products! actually take them yourself as it shows you have the product and people will trust you more.

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