Ebay seller not sending

  [DELETED] 15:40 09 May 2006

Hello can anyone tell me what happens if the seller does not send the Item purchased ie how long should i wait etc, seller emailed me stating that my order will be with me on 3/03/06 since then non reply to my emails etc, Thanks..

  [DELETED] 15:48 09 May 2006

How did you pay? If it was by personal cheque he/she may be waiting for the cheque to clear before sending the goods.

  Stuartli 15:55 09 May 2006

How was the seller so sure that the delivery would be on that date?

I would contact e-Bay ASAP just so it has a record for the moment of claimed non-delivery.

  [DELETED] 16:04 09 May 2006

The seller received my money on the 3rd May also said that i should have it by Thurs 4th May recorded delivery, i paid through Paypal(not C Card)but my bank funds, i was on a page on paypal or ebay which showed the sellers post code does anyone know how i could get on there again as i have forgot... Thanks.

  Noldi 18:25 09 May 2006

Inform the seller that you will leave negative feedback if the item is not recieved by a set date and contact e-bay.

  spuds 18:51 09 May 2006

At the end of your winning bid, did you do any print-outs of the actual sale listing,winners confirmation and paypal payment procedure. If you did all that, then you should have the sellers details. You can also retrieve this information from your eBay summary account list, and your PayPal account. There was a reference number for the sellers item, and you can obtain information about the sale via that also.

When you win and pay for an item via PayPal, allow about a week to ten days for delivery. After this time, send an email to the seller requesting for information about the delay. Failure to receive a reply, then send another email, expressing your concern, and that you may consider 'further actions'.No reply to that email, and still no delivery of the item, then inform the seller that you intend activating dispute proceedings. Allow about 2/3 between each email. To start a dispute procedure,or to find out more about eBay and Paypal complaints procedures, use the readily available on-line guidelines.

  spuds 18:53 09 May 2006

"Allow about 2/3 days between each email".

  Stuartli 19:01 09 May 2006

>>The seller received my money on the 3rd May also said that i should have it by Thurs 4th May recorded delivery, >>

So if you ordered it as you stated, how could it be delivered on March 3rd?

e.g. >>seller emailed me stating that my order will be with me on 3/03/06 >>

  [DELETED] 22:49 09 May 2006

03/05/06...it happens i pressed wrong number oh how silly of me common sense would tell me that!

  [DELETED] 11:23 10 May 2006

but he received your money on the date he claimed you will receive your goods?

  [DELETED] 11:49 10 May 2006

You have to bear in mind that delivery dates are not normally given contractual force in consumer transactions. Unless a definite set date was agreed when the contract was formed, promises of delivery dates are not binding.
The only rule is that the goods must be delivered within 30 days. This would take legal precedence over Ebay's policies etc. Therefore the seller despite promising a more rapid delivery would not be considered in breach of contract until 30 days have passed.
However given the problems you can have with Ebay sellers I would certainly raise your concerns with the seller and EBay by Email as previously advised by Spuds. The longer you leave it the less likely you are to get things sorted out.

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