EBay scams

  mbp 12:03 09 Nov 2005

Been reading a lot about ebay scams of not receiving goods after sending money. It is scary. Unless ebay cleans up their act, I am staying well away. What do others say?

  VideoSentry 12:18 09 Nov 2005

I have made over 40 purchases and have had no problem,but its always an idea to work on the premise 'To good to be true'.

  spuds 12:23 09 Nov 2005

I do not think that eBay will close down over night, considering the worldwide coverage that it as.Millions of transactions are completed every single day. Yes there are scams, as in walks of life, but eBay soon cotton's onto them.I recently sent an email to a possible seller, who I had grave concerns about, and within an hour eBay had sent me an email concerning this issue. Apparently a security procedure had activated, and my email had been intercepted.

There are certain scams that require a certain amount of intelligence, but at the end of the game, it all comes down to 'buyer beware', what sounds too good to be true, may just be that, and there will always be someone who wants one and a half pints in a pint pot.

  sputnick 12:37 09 Nov 2005

If you download the e Bay toolbar and log your details you will be able to see if any contacts that you try to reply to that ask for your details you get a message that says that the site you are trying to reply to is not a genuine E Bay site.
If i doubt do not reply but log into E bay using their Web address and not a link.

  mbp 13:06 09 Nov 2005

No, I did not mean that Ebay should close down. But the following text is scarry:

[A couple who conspired together to fleece eBay users worldwide out of around £300,000 in a long-running scam are due to be sentenced at Middlesex Guildhall Crown Court on Friday. Nicolae Cretanu, 30, and his wife Adriana, 23, a Romanian couple based in east London, conned marks into handing over cash for non-existent goods.]

I am old enough to know that at Ebay remember the adage: "Buyer Beware!"

But it would be nice that somehow, sellers can be vetted and approved by Ebay or some other such National consumer body. Consumer ratings are still very dicey.

  €dstowe 13:13 09 Nov 2005

A large proportion of eBay sellers are just ordinary people selling what they consider to be junk to ordinary people who might think otherwise - a computer age car boot sale in effect. Imagine all of these being vetted by some official or semi-official body before being able to do so. Now that would cause eBay to shut down.

  Stuartli 13:59 09 Nov 2005

Wherever there is money there is always a fiddle.

e-Bay provides an exceptional opportunity for people who wish to fleece others if they wish, so it's a case of considering all the facts before ordering.

I've made several purchases on e-Bay and similar websites and, thankfully, have never had any regrests, but I did study all the feedback etc first.

There's no doubt that you can save by using e-Bay, but even so something that seems to good to be true usually is...:-)

  GaT7 14:39 09 Nov 2005

I can only relate my own experience...

Have made over a 100 purchases & never been defrauded - even receiving refunds/replacements for a few items that were lost/damaged in the post, or not as advertised.

Some items didn't arrive even after a month, so I contacted the seller directly by phone. There's a facility to do this that many are not aware of - it's at click here. Fortunately they were all decent with genuine excuses, so all sorted out amicably.

On many occasions, before purchasing I've emailed the seller. No or unsatisfactory replies & I do not buy. Also, I only purchase low-priced items, so if I were to be defrauded I'd only lose a little : ) G

  roisin dubh 16:59 09 Nov 2005

Is a buyer and seller on ebay and never had a problem. If you use a combination of common sense and following ebay's security guide you should be able to avoid the pitfalls that have been highlighted.

The ones that hit the national press a couple of weeks ago involved people paying for goods by money transfer (western union etc). People do advise against this method because it is open to abuse and there is no comeback or facility to refund. If a vendor limits you to paying by this method I would always treat with suspicion. With Paypal if there is anything untoward Ebay can actuaally reclaim funds and reimburse customers.

The other side of the scams with the phishing for personal details, Ebay has advised time and time again that they will never email you for personal details or with a link to an "Ebay" site requesting personal details. Furthermore if you get any emails like that they need them reprting to crack down on fraud.

Avoiding being scammed isn't rocket science, it's common sense. I've been involved in nearly a thousand transactions and with the exceptions of a few lost or damaged in transit (why is it always a Transit that delivers?)never had a problem. I find Ebay invaluable for selling and for finding normally hard to locate items and it is a shame that some scum use it to prey on the more gullible members of the public.

  g0slp 19:30 09 Nov 2005

I've been an eBayer for 3 years, both as a buyer & seller.

I've just been fleeced by both the seller & PayPal.

I paid for an item immediately by PayPal & after a week had an email from the seller apologising for the delay in sending the item, but he'd had computer problems, now resolved. He gave me a phone number in csae of problems...

This seller had good feedback; over 200 for many items both selling & buying.

Anyway, despite several emails the item didn't arrive, & when I called the number given it didn't exist.

PayPal returned only 1/6 of the money I'd sent through them - it seems that the seller didn't have anything in their account...

OK, it's only £15 missing, but I thank my lucky stars it wasn't more.

PayPal - yeah right.

I've now got the address of this 'seller' from someone else he'd bilked, but is it really worth it? He got 6 negative postings in the space of a few days, including mine. None of the dodgy transactions were a great amount, so he's not exactly a career criminal, but still...

I have to say that PayPal is an oxymoron :-((

  De Marcus™ 19:55 09 Nov 2005

I've also been an eBayer for quite some time, it is in general a safe place to shop provided you use your loaf and a bit of common sense. What I find unacceptable is the sheer number of scams on eBay, which I feel the company (not the seller) should be held accountable for, there's always going to be someone out there willing to take your money and run, eBay should make a more concerted, active effort to reduce this. I don't know of a single person who hasn't had at least one slightly dodgy experience (and I'm not asking) with eBay and that in my mind is tragic for what I consider to be a great 'marketplace'. Paypal is, I agree, pathetic to say the least.

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