Ebay -scammers keeping trying to sell using 2nd ..

  toni b 17:39 15 Feb 2005

Does anyone know If I can prevent people emailing with so called second chance offers.On a daily basis
I recieved at least 6 offers always from different email/id users.I report all of these instantly to Ebay on the hope of preventing other people getting scammed.I am getting tired of having to do this, what are my options? I have had a look on Ebay but can not find any suggestions.Maybe someone here can suggest something.I have never replied to these emails so they do not have my email address,but often the wording is almost identical so I am guessing that it is the same people whom, when they are found out just register another user name,would you say this is correct?

  HXP 17:53 15 Feb 2005

I set up a Hotmail account for sites like ebay etc and only give my 'real' email address out to family and friends.

Set up a hotmail accnt ( free) chaange your ebay details to your hotmail accnt and at least that will free up your real accnt.

Unsubscribe to any watched / favourite bidders etc

I would hope that after the items drop off in a few weeks time the mails should stop.

Worth a try

  HappySoul 23:17 15 Feb 2005

click here which should help.

  leo49 09:39 16 Feb 2005

Second Chance Offers are a perfectly legitimate Ebay selling tool when a seller has more than one of an item to sell, I use it all the time.

The wording is always similar because it's a form letter that Ebay sends out to the unsuccessful underbidder[s]of the seller's choosing. You only receive them if you have elected to do so.

You don't want them? - then alter your Notification Preferences for your Ebay account.

  Wilham 13:19 16 Feb 2005

I have had several scam 2nd chance offers.

I usually contact the seller before bidding. That identifies seller's address, so I by-pass the directionsons given in the 2nd chance offer and email direct.

Each time this has brought surprise to the seller who knew nothing about a 2nd chance offer. One seller was quite upset and he sent on all details to eBay,- yet later I had another 2nd chance offer for the same item.

  toni b 13:45 16 Feb 2005

Is that the items I bid on are from HP Auctions UK,but the emails are not from HP auctions ,and in the emails they say to contact them directly through there supplied email address, so what I believe is happening is that the people are looking at the ended auctions and looking at the persons whom have not won ,and then emailing them through the Ebay mail system,offering the same product usually with the number of the said item I/you did not win.I will contact Hp to inform them,

  Dorsai 19:54 16 Feb 2005

I use Mozzila Thunderbird, and get a fair number of 'spam'. Most is readily identified as it is not actually to me, just CC'd to me.

I created a message filter. Any mail not addressed to me is recieved into the 'trash' folder. There is also the option to 'delete from POP server' when an email meets whatever criteria you set up.

So you can set it to erase, un recieved, mail that for example contains the subject 'item not won'.

  fitcher 21:38 16 Feb 2005

I asked ebay to remove my credit card details , I was told it will take six months to do so .

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