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  SurfMonkey _#:@} 15:46 18 Jan 2006

I auctioned an item on ebay and it sold when I checked out the buyer he had a good write up with 1 negetive he won the auction,after the auction had finnished tryed to send invioce but it came up with THIS PERSON IS NOT REGISTERED WITH EBAY . i am under the impression that i have been messed around on the bidding and he then cancelled his account am i right in doing a second chance offer to the person who bid less who paid strait away. if the other person trys to pay can i stop him from paying me in paypal.

  rmcqua 15:57 18 Jan 2006

If you have an e-mail address or "contact buyer" link for the buyer, I would send him an e-mail asking him why he cannot receive your invoice and what are his intentions re. paying. If he doesn't reply then I would feel quite entitled to offer it to the second highest bidder. If you do establish contact with the first then I don't see why you would want to stop him paying with PAyPal, as presumably you won't ship the item until the money is in your account?

  SurfMonkey _#:@} 16:07 18 Jan 2006

I have sent a email to the 1st winner saying will not except payment from you due to when I tryed to get you details from
ebay for postal check it says you are not a registered member with ebay. DO NOT PAY for item as I will not be responsible for the recovery of your money.
or loss of your funds in any transaction. if you have any further question please read the ebay terms and conditions and contact them i do not want to do buisiness with him i hope that he dosent try to pay as i have gave a second chance to someone else who have paid strait away and there money is in my account and the item is ready to be posted. can he give me bad feedback for toing this.

  spuds 18:14 18 Jan 2006

It should state clearly under the buyers ID whether the buyer is no longer registered with eBay.Being no longer registered, doesn't mean that the buyer cannot be re-registered in a day or so, due to a temporary hitch on their account. Normally you can still contact the buyer and send invoices through eBay, but both of you cannot use the feedback system.

Remember that you have agreed on a legal contract to supply, and by telling the buyer that you are not going to supply could lead to problems for you. Send an email via the contact seller link or use the link that ebay would have provided at the end of sale. Find out if the buyer wants the item, before you offer it to the next bidder or re-list it. If it is re-listed, then eBay should waiver any further fees, if they know the reasons behind the re-listing.

  Europa 21:32 18 Jan 2006

SurfMonkey, did you try to ask your question in one of the Ebay forums?

  SurfMonkey _#:@} 00:29 19 Jan 2006

aparently ebay cancelled his account as he owed them money i feel its not down to me to keep other people up to date with there accounts with all the trouble i hear about ebay it just confirms what i hear and now feel i shall give it a very long thought on weather i will use ebay agian this is my first bad encounter and i shall sure make it my last I had a very abrupt email from him to cut a long story short he does not want any goods i have or never will.whos fault is it actually weather its mine on being to hastey, or you could say ebays to blame for cancelling the account and that way they caused it, or his for not paying his bills i think i shall put this one in the learning file i know i shall be more carefull in the future.

  spuds 12:17 19 Jan 2006

It would now appear that you have confirmation that the seller as stated that they are no longer interested in the item that you had for sale, so this would release you from the contract.But keep the emails, should further actions kick off in a few months time. It may not, but best to be sure.

I would point out that eBay may suspend membership, and a membership can be re-activated at any time. It could be the case that eBay are,as you say, owed money and that is the reason for suspension. Ebay will safeguard themselves in the first instance, and not necessarily safeguard you, as you have perhaps now learnt.

You are not alone by any means, and using eBay brings its joy's as well as sadness. Most of the experience hands of eBaying can tell you one story or another. In my own case, I have the official 'T' shirt of the Ebay/PayPal hard school of knocks and un-explained :o)

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