Ebay problem

  newface 19:07 16 Oct 2008

Over the last week I have been unable to access the leave feedback part of Ebay. I really want to get in to it as I was sold a piece of software with a fake licence. No matter what time of day, or day of the week that I try to get on, it just will not load. The progress bar on the bottom right of the screen stays empty, the hourglass is always on for well over 30 mins. Strangely I can get onto to buy stuff if I want to.

Is there a real problem or am I just being unlucky?

  GaT7 21:02 16 Oct 2008

No problem here - I tried it with 4 of my 'Leave Feedback' links & they all loaded in 2-3 secs.

Try it by clicking on this 'generic' feedback link click here - should give you a list of all the feedback you can leave.

"Is there a real problem or am I just being unlucky?" - could be neither...

If you're still unable, I suspect eBay have already got wind of this fraud auction & deleted it off their site. Will also explain why you cannot access the feedback page for this particular auction. And, for the same reason, you may also find it'll fail when you try to load the original auction link from your "You've won..." email.

Whatever the reason, make sure to contact eBay immediately & let them know about this fraud, plus open a dispute to get your money back. All the best with this.

As you know, these days one's entitled to a full refund (including postage) if eBay items are wholly paid for via PayPal click here. One needs to follow the eBay-PayPal link to make payment. Or, I think, one needs to at least input the eBay item number when paying directly at PayPal.

  spuds 22:36 16 Oct 2008

It would appear that eBay have perhaps blocked the sellers account, hence not being able to send feedback. eBay will usually send out an alert email to the buyer, if this is the case and the sale was fairly recent. Check the sellers user-name, and see if it states 'No longer a registered member'.

If so, make a dispute claim via your account on eBay.

  laurie53 09:22 17 Oct 2008

If you've got another browser installed, try that.

I sometimes find that pages/links not available with Firefox/Chrome are OK with IE.

Not worth installing one specially, but if it's just a matter of clicking on an icon.

  newface 17:00 17 Oct 2008

Many thanks spuds and crossbow7. I have followed the various links and have been able to leave feedback for a genuine item, but I still cannot get at the "fake" one. I have tried to access details of the seller, but after 15 minutes I still had not received a reply. Perhaps this shows that there was a problem. I will log a dispute with Ebay & Paypal as suggested.
By the way laurie53 I tried IE, but got the same problem, but thanks for taking the time to respond.
I am closing this thread now with thanks to everyone who responded.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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