Ebay faulty goods

  RAQUELMANNY 00:44 28 May 2003

I have just purchased a PS2 for my son on Ebay. When it came it wont play any of the games. I have checked the games on another system so I know it's not the games.How do I go about getting a refund? The site offers loads of useful information but not about what I want.I have contacted seller but seems unable to help or just wont. Any ideas greaty welcome.

  Djohn 00:55 28 May 2003

Have you checked the sellers "Feedback" rating on the site, this will often give a guide to how willing they may or may not be in dealing with complaints.

Not sure of the legal side of this, but I think that ebay do have a system for dealing with complaints, also if you paid with your Credit card, even though it may have been through "Paypal" it will be a good idea to let them know as well. This will depend on how much you have paid.

I do know that you can add a comment to the sellers rating, if you contact him again, mention this to him/her, saying that you will place an adverse comment if the issue is not dealt with. J.

  bolo 01:04 28 May 2003

If you have paid through paypal you only have 30 days to complain after that it's abitration through ebay, but don't expect to much help as they advise you to deal direct with the seller even encouraging you to phone the seller up to sort things out. unfortunatly the bias is towards the seller

  RAQUELMANNY 01:10 28 May 2003

Well thanks for responding anyway. I will battle on and learn as they say never to trust anyone.

  darkjedimistress 13:35 28 May 2003

It's a great place to sell and buy items but as someone mentioned, check a seller's feedback before you buy. I myself have close to a 1000 positives on there and only one negative comment which I would have sorted out given a chance, I believe the motto on ebay is LET THE BUYER BEWARE, I personally wouldn't buy anything of such a large value ,I would want to see it working. I believe you could complain to ebay but I have found that in this case they are very slow to respond and you have to wait X number of days to resolve problems etc.

Is the seller refusing to answer your questions or just saying there is nothing they can do?

  RAQUELMANNY 20:55 28 May 2003

The seller is just saying it is my problem as he decribed the item to his satisfation and it is down to my lack of knowledge. So he's not being very cooperative.

  suburban train 21:54 28 May 2003

what is the seller called on e-bay?

ill try and do something

  bamfiesler 22:04 28 May 2003

You have to pay attention to the item description - if there's any dubiety, don't go through with the purchase. Ebay state that sales/purchases are legally binding, but I really don't think they can follow these issues through properly. Take the guy to Court, or send your Husband down to the outlet - it's been known to work! And, as stated, call up your card issuer and dispute the transaction for the obvious reason.

  RAQUELMANNY 22:11 28 May 2003

The seller is chip_it. Any help is greatfully received!!!

  suburban train 22:25 28 May 2003

just had a quick look at the seller and the description,

it does say small fault - it playes PS2 games but not DVD's if it does not play PS2 that is the fault of the Seller

  jeez 22:27 28 May 2003

too late I know, but don't ever buy anything off e-bay as far as I'm concerned their a bunch of cowboys.

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