eBay advice needed...which course of action?

  GibsonSt19 22:20 28 Aug 2004

Evening all,

Just looking for opinnions and insight if possible.

A while back I felt convicted that I should ditch my pirate software and purchase everything in order that my whole life would be legal and legit.

I went to eBay (usually one of my fav places to shop) and saw Windows XP Pro software for a good price (£60)). As always, I asked the seller (who incidentally had a great rating) the important questions about the software, mainly asking whether it would be legit, or basically whether Bill Gates would be happy with me installing it on my system. All response emails confirmed authenticity and legitimacy and I purchased, and received the software. Now, upon receipt of the software I found out it was manufacturer specific (Dell) and was only to be supplied with a new Dell PC.

I contacted the seller, and asked how he would resolve the issue. He said that upon return of software and COA (which I did have), he would refund the full amount. I've returned it, and have heard nothing since, but have sent several emails chasing him up.

I have a feeling I'll not be hearing from him again.

What would you suggest?

  spuds 23:03 28 Aug 2004

You haven't stated the time span, between returning the item and the waiting for a refund. This could make a difference, if you intend reporting the matter to eBay.

If the seller as a good rating, then perhaps there are other reasons for a delay in reply, holidays etc. I would suggest that you send a letter to the address which you were given for the returns, and see if that produces a response.

  feb 02:11 29 Aug 2004

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