tree 3 21:39 12 May 2003

has anyone here had bad experience with Ebay i want to know if anyone has lost money or something due to poor service from the sellers

  jimv7 22:24 12 May 2003

I have bought loads on ebay, all with good results luckily.

Check out the sellers ratings by clicking on the number after their name. If too many negative responces, don't touch them.

  Hotfingers 22:52 12 May 2003

I lost money with ebay a few years ago when a CPU I bought was DOA. The buyer just wasn't interested. However, ebay are supposed to have introduced some kind of assurance or insurance, it should say on thier website. I agree with jimv7, check the responses.

  hoverman 08:00 13 May 2003

Been buying on eBay for several years now with no problems at all. As has already been said, do check any seller's feedback rating first.

  Yoshtar 08:04 13 May 2003

Had one experience a while ago where a cheque was cashed for £45 (a gfx card if i remember correctly) and nothing ever arrived. E-Mailed the seller numerous times but no reply.

Yes, do check seller ratings but remember it's no guarantee that your transactions will be smooth.

  kjrider 08:43 13 May 2003

Having won an Ebay auction of a DVD Rom drive, I am still trying to get a response from the sellers CCC.

Not answering emails. Their feedback was 96% positive, so I must be one of the unfortunate 4%.

  Jonathan314159 12:02 13 May 2003

I'll add to the positives - only bought one item (DVD recorder) but it was good. As mentioned important that you check feedback of the seller (and probably wise to make sure that the positive feedback is when the guy is selling rather than buying).

  dinoma 12:29 13 May 2003

I am another to add a positive vote for Ebay. Again i recommend checking the sellers feedback (as a seller) and if possible i prefer them to have been an ebayer and had feedback for quite a while.

  bfoc 13:45 13 May 2003

Have bought numbers of things on Ebay, only had one problem where item was not as described. Seller promised a refund so returned item, but no refund. Seller had moved. I lost £15 on that.

But all other items (15-20) I've bought have been fine.

I too now tend to stick to 'high raters' only.

  watchful 13:50 13 May 2003

I've been dealing on eBay only for about three months but have had no problems.

Only one late payer who responded after I e-mailed them.

Two of my buyers were newcomers with no feedback but they were both OK.

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