easymusicdownload.com - am i being thick here?

  whisked 00:24 02 Feb 2003

Hi, i just joined the above site and paid $18 by credit card to do so as a one off joining fee.
The reason i chose this site was because it was the best site i had come across so far for finding results when i was searching for music.

All i have come across in their site since joining though, is a alot of info but nothing much else. They have links for downloading either kazaa or winamx, so i pressed ahead and downloaded kazaa. I noticed in kazaa somewhere, the message that kazaa is a free programme and if you have paid for it you shouldnt have etc etc.

Have i just been conned here into paying for kazaa ny a site which isnt really a site or am i missing sonething?

Yours confused :(


  fitfella29 00:29 02 Feb 2003

im sure ive read somewhere else about someone who`s just done the same as you as i think its a con.

  willy1 00:29 02 Feb 2003

kazza is in fact free,i think you might have been duped.

  willy1 00:32 02 Feb 2003

word of advice,when using kazza which is brilliant,make sure you have some atni virus software on board and a firewall,which can be had for nothing from zonealarm,incase you didnt already know

  whisked 00:39 02 Feb 2003

willy i am using norton antivirus but only windows xp's firewall, do i need more protection?

back to the site in question fitfella, did you see that story on here or if not can you remember where?

the only way anyone can really know for sure is if they too have joined this site i suppose

if i have been conned, will i be able to get my money back and i suppose even more importantly should i be looking at stopping my credit card as i have no idea who or what have my details now!!

  Forum Editor 00:43 02 Feb 2003

to read the terms and conditions on the site you would have seen that it states very clearly that your payment was simply a site access fee. It tells you that you will be pointed to other sites which you can access free of charge anyway.

I'm sorry you have wasted your money,and I don't want to appear unsympathetic but to be honest it sounds as if you are intending to do something illegal - if you want to get copyright music or software for nothing you shouldn't really complain when someone takes money from you for nothing.

Not a day goes by without someone posting a thread about KaZaa, and about downloading MP3 tracks. Provided you pay for the music you're doing nothing wrong, but the vast majority are not paying - they're stealing.

  Djohn 00:47 02 Feb 2003

whisked, The story was on here in consumerwatch some time back, and he too paid, only to be offered info. on free sites that you can obtain your self. If I can find the thread I will link it to this one for you. J.

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