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  beanyboy 16:17 31 Oct 2006

I know I've been this way before but has anyone out there managed to solve the problem of using Easy CD Creator Platinum 5 .... with Windows XP yet.
Are there any drivers that will get over the problem .

I thinks we all accept that Roxio are absolutely useless with their Help and Assistance sites , even if you were fortunate eenough to get thru to them. How they get away with it , god only knows.

Anyway if anyone has cracked this problem I would be glad to hear about it.


Ken B.

  beeuuem 16:58 31 Oct 2006
  beanyboy 17:28 31 Oct 2006

Thanks Beeuuem

I have seen that one before and it did not do much for me I am afraid.

Before I try it again do you know ( or does anyone else) know if the later versiions of Easy CD Creator ie 8 or 9 ... carry the facility "Soundstream" on it, 'cos that is what I really want, That is the bit that allows you to copy track by track direct from CD to CD.


  bruno 18:27 31 Oct 2006

In my previous post I mentioned that I got it to work by uninstalling the whole programme,then downloading the latest drivers,before re-installing.Perhaps you have tried it this way. My son in law also got it working this way.He uses XP Pro and I use Home.

  bruno 18:30 31 Oct 2006

I have just read the link posted by Beeuuem and it jogged my memory in that I updated it as well as used new drivers.

  beanyboy 19:33 31 Oct 2006

Thanks Bruno

I'll give it a go and hope for the best . Thanks very much

  beanyboy 19:44 31 Oct 2006

Hello I'm Back. i cannot seem to find the right site to download the first drivers ie before the 5.3.5.

Can anyone assist please.

  ventanas 21:06 31 Oct 2006

There were many threads about Easy CD5 on here when XP came out. I was also caught out with this. There was an update (50mb) available at the time, which was supposed to make it work, but I had no luck with it, neither did many others. In any case it's long been discontinued.
But strangely others seem to get it to work. Thats computers for you. It's very old now though, and v9 is far better. Why not upgrade.

  bruno 08:54 01 Nov 2006

Updates Easy CD Creator 5.x.x Basic and Starter Kit to 5.3.5

I used this update from BEEUUEM's link and once it was up to 3.5 installed the drivers listed higher up the page.

  beanyboy 09:06 01 Nov 2006

Thanks guys but Bruno , that was my point , I can't seem to get to the first stage ie to get it to 3.5.

But don't worry I'll try and look for some other software to see if I can get my track by track direct from disc to disc elsewhere.

Thanks for your input anyway.


Ken B.

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