Earphones for Sony Network Walkman

  radi8or 14:44 12 Jun 2005

Hi all,

As above need a good replacement set as Sony originals are really uncomfortable, have small ears, any reccomendations apart from plastic surgery ;0))

Regards Bob

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:13 12 Jun 2005

click here are very, very good. These are the ones I use and are excellent if you are a bit flush.....click here


  radi8or 15:37 12 Jun 2005

Hi GANDALF <|:-)>

Thanks for response feeling a little bit flush not as much as the ER-4P though, the ER-6i looks promising. Was thinking of Shure E3c but read that the leads are a bit heavy and pull the buds out, will check out your sugestions

Thanks again

Regards Bob

  wjrt 21:59 12 Jun 2005
  Stuartli 23:12 12 Jun 2005

I use a pair of Sony earphones with the J-shaped earpieces - they are exceptionally comfortable and, as to be expected of the marque, produce remarkable sound despite their size.

However, I bought them about five years ago and am unaware of the model number.

  radi8or 13:28 13 Jun 2005


A quick update, sorry didn't get back last night had a 4am start today, thanks again to GANDALF <|:-)>, wjrt and Stuartli for your suggestions, in the end decided on these

click here


Regards Bob

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:57 13 Jun 2005

Excellent choice.


  radi8or 14:06 13 Jun 2005

GANDALF <|:-)>

Down to you mate I had never heard of them before.

I'll update you on their performance when they arrive, ordered today, if your interested?

Regards Bob

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