e-promocard and customer care!

  Chris the Ancient 17:42 05 Jun 2003

I do not intend to invoke the wrath of Forum Ed and other users by using a “Never use… They are a bunch of…” I thought I would let you make your own assessments and come to your own conclusions.

My own silly fault in some ways. Being a ‘small’ item, I paid on my debit card – rather than me credit card with its usual protection. But that’s water under the bridge!

I wanted to investigate the possible uses of CD Business Cards to see if they would make a useful medium for giving pupils in my business a set of course notes that they may actually look at. Thread developments in the Helproom have since dissuaded me.

This is the way the correspondence via e-mail has gone.

6th May

Received from e-promocard.co.uk

Invoice number: (xxxxxxxxxxx)
************************** important notice ***********************
your order has been despatched and will be with you shortly, according to the carriers
normal delivery schedule. Thankyou for shopping with us. We appreciate your
custom and hope to server you again in the near future.
the real time status of your invoice is: stage 4 of 4
1. Invoice printed / awaiting authorisation - (05-05-2003)
2. Payment authorised
3. Order picked / awaiting despatch
4. Order despatched - (6-05-2003)

your order has been completed and you will receive the goods shortly.

Thank you for using e-promocard.com. We look forward to serving you again soon.

17th May from self to e-promocard

This order has not yet been received.

Can you please check where the package is.


Chris Xxxxx

20th May from self to e-promocard

E-mailed yesterday stating item not yet received and requesting information.

I have not received a reply yet. Can you please expedite.


Chris Xxxxx

22nd May from self to e-promocard

I e-mailed Monday and Tuesday over the above sale/invoice and still have not had the courtesy of a reply.

Could you please give this matter your immediate attention.

C Xxxxx

23rd May

Despite the e-mails listed below, I have not yet received any reply from you.

I require you to answer with your proposals for a remedy today before I take further advice and action on the matter.

C Xxxxx

23rd May from self to e-promocard

I have, this afternoon, received a package from you. This contained a package 'Movie Jack 2'. If you refer to the original 'Order Status 1' message, I ordered 1 x CD Business Card Kit CD Business Card Kit Only (£16.95).

Due to your extreme inefficiency, I know require you to arrange collection of these unsolicited and unwanted goods at your expense and refund my payment as I have not received the original order.

This deplorable management is now going to be revealed to various advisory lines and the media.

I require an immediate reply and explanation of your proposals for collection of these goods and confirmation that an authorised cheque is in the post.

C Xxxxx

26th May form e-promocard to me! (with my 20th May e-mail attached)

Dear Mr. Xxxxx,
I'm very sorry but our servers have been down for some time & are only back up now.
I will arrange for your order to be shipped immediately and for a full refund also.
I'm extremely sorry for all the inconvenience.

Yours faithfully,

Alan Orr
Managing Director

2nd June from self to e-promocard

Dear Mr Orr

I am disappointed to state that since your last e-mail, there has been no movement, receipt of outstanding software or promised repayment.

Your e-mail also failed to address a point raised in one of my follow-ups over this invoice. i.e. On 23rd May, I wrote:

"I have, this afternoon, received a package from you. This contained a package 'Movie Jack 2'. If you refer to the original 'Order Status 1' message below, I ordered 1 x CD Business Card Kit CD Business Card Kit Only (£16.95).

Due to your extreme inefficiency, I know require you to arrange collection of these unsolicited and unwanted goods..."

What are your proposals for addressing these matters?

Unless there is a satisfactory response and action on this matter by Wednesday 4th June, copies of all e-mails to date on this matter will be passed to the various computer magazines that I subscribe to. I shall also copy the e-mails to the computer forum which I use and contribute to on a regular basis.

As it appears that your system may reject e-mails with a request receipt tag, I copy all my correspondence to date below.

So, dear readers, the prosecution rests its case.

  -pops- 18:51 05 Jun 2003

Unfortunately yours will be a voice in a very large wilderness as far as that company is concerned. At the very low prices they charge for their products (as you have noted) they must sell a large number of all of them to make any sort of a viable business concern. One complaint, or even a dozen, will not make very much impact on the number of orders they must turn over merely to be able stay afloat.

Compare your complaint over a few ££ with, say, complaints over a computer system costing many ££££££. There are computer assemblers whose names appear here with alarming regularity and who, one would think reading the tales of woe, would be out of business immediately because of the sheer number and value of the complained about products. Not so, these companies can still afford to put very expensive advertisements in all of the computer magazines, in national newspapers, glossies, Sunday supplements and some even advertise on TV. These aren't the actions of a company on the verge of dissolution.

I have every sympathy with your difficulties but I don't think the actions you are threatening and, indeed, now carrying out with this thread, will make much impact on the fortunes of the company you are complaining about.


  Chris the Ancient 19:13 05 Jun 2003

True enough, I don't expect much truck with the company concerned.

But, it might act as a warning to other potential users!

And as other users of this forum know, enough voices expressing concern over the lack of so-called 'customer care' show that we need to be active with our voices.


  -pops- 19:46 05 Jun 2003

I entirely agree that as much protest as possible should be made about this grotesque lack of any concern for customers. My comment was, as you realise, to state that there is no point in making a bigger protest than you are doing.

  Chris the Ancient 19:43 12 Jun 2003

I did actually get the software today. And a cheques as refund.

Pity they had to be so slow!


  slowhand_1000 20:27 12 Jun 2003

to hear you got it sorted in the end Chris.


  Chris the Ancient 20:46 12 Jun 2003

So am I! :0)

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