E-Mail From Virgin - Want More Cash.

  Mark5001 16:01 25 Jun 2007

They are going to squeeze more cash out of us.....


From 1st July, our broadband helpline number is changing and from then on it'll cost 25p per minute to call from a Virgin home phone, plus 10p to connect. Mobiles and other networks may vary. The new number is 0906 212 1111.

We have over 200 Virgin Broadband experts ready to help if you're having issues with your Virgin Broadband modem or service. So they can help you faster, you'll need to have your account details to hand and be at your computer.

If you have a question about equipment that hasn't been supplied by Virgin Media, like your computer or your Blackberry, then you'll need to get in touch with your manufacturer or you can call the PC helpline on 0906 991 0001. It costs £1 a minute plus 10p to connect. Mobiles and other networks may vary.

We hope that helps and that you continue to enjoy the same great service!

  pj123 16:05 25 Jun 2007

Where does it say that? Have you got a link to back this up?

  bonkers 16:31 25 Jun 2007

Try this
click here

E-Mail to me was sent 15 June.

  Z1100 16:36 25 Jun 2007

You only pay if you call them. With the information on www, especially here I would think calling them would require some major fault.

I am with them and I am happy since the switch and I also got that e-mail.


  wee eddie 16:39 25 Jun 2007

I agree that I would be seriously cheesed off if I was charged £1 a minute for listening to canned music.

If the you have really read the menu and tried the suggested solutions or simply can't be bothered. I can see no reason why one should not be charged. After all many punters will be there because of rock bottom prices.

If you go for the cheapest (or thereabouts) you have to expect a downside.

If you want a free helpline you have to expect a higher monthly charge

  Stuartli 16:56 25 Jun 2007

I've had a look at the VirginMedia website's Help pages and, in common with most ISPs, there's plenty to go at before you might have to ring a Help line (at what Virgin calls a "small charge"!)

  g0nvs 17:03 25 Jun 2007

All well & good until you get a fault at Virgin's end, then it costs to report a fault you can't sort out yourself. Remember not everyone is computer savvy.

  wee eddie 17:30 25 Jun 2007

It has nothing to do with being savvy at anything.

It's a reiteration of the old Yorkshire saying;

"Thou gets ought for nought"

You've negotiated a cheap price, why do you expect help for free. It's up to you to find out or pay someone to help you.

If it did turn out to be a manufacturing fault. then you would have a good case to recoup your costs in the Small Claims Court.

  g0nvs 18:15 25 Jun 2007

A cheap price it is not. My argument is that a consumer should not be fleeced by premium rate phone calls when requesting service, especially when It is beyond the consumers control.

  Smiler 13:53 03 Jul 2007

As g0nvs says cheap it's not when you're paying from £17 to £35 a month for the service it's a bit nasty to be charged for help when it goes wrong

  Arnie 14:09 03 Jul 2007

Virgin Media are extracting more money by shifting direct debits forward to an earlier point in the month.
This means they will be able to make more interest on subscribers' money.

I wonder what other detrimental changes are in the pipeline?

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