Terry Brown 10:52 28 May 2006

I have been looking at the E-lottery, and it looks to good to be true, have you (or anyone you know) actually won any money, and if so was there any problems getting it.

It looks like a pyramid system, where the local agent takes a cut (20% ?), Is it ?

Many Thanks

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:06 28 May 2006

There is no way that you can increase your chance of winning any lottery apart from having more lines whih costs more or if you have more 'members, you win less. If this bunch of jokers are who you are refering to click here I would not touch them with a barge pole. The only persons that win from 'affiliate plans' are the promoters.

'and it looks to good to be true'...this phrase alone should hav been screaming warnings at you.


  spuds 13:07 28 May 2006

If this is the new on-line UK weekly 'charity' lottery, then I think there was a couple of threads running recently on this, but I cannot seem to locate them. One forum member (totally-braindead or freaky ?) as had a couple of low amount wins (£13) I believe.

  spuds 13:09 28 May 2006

Whoops- Looks like I got the wrong lottery :O)

  pj123 13:10 28 May 2006

Do you mean this one?

click here

"and it looks to good to be true" Then it probably is.

Looks very similar to what Horace Batchelor did with the Football Pools some years ago. I think he did a full perm "any 8 from 49" and sold chunks of it to subscribers. Someone would win something every week but Horace took 20 percent of all winnings.

I don't think a full perm "any 6 from 49" on the Lottery would be cost effective though so I don't see how this Syndicate can work. If all subscribers get the same numbers on 88 lines any winnings would be shared with who knows how many others.
Do you get to know how many other members there are in the Syndicate before you pay your money.

The Syndicate I run do a perm "any 6 from 8" giving us 28 lines. We regularly get 3 numbers correct (which gives us 10 lines with 3 = £100). By regularly I mean about every 4 to 5 weeks. We have had 4 and 5 numbers correct on occasions and we do a shareout once a year around Christmas time. At the moment (since December 2005) our kitty stands a £2,197.

We use the same numbers every week and all members have a lottery checker so they can check the results themselves.

  Forum Editor 13:22 28 May 2006

of a prize, because the syndicate invests in a greater number of lines.

The thing to remember at all times when considering syndicates is that the syndicate is the actual winner - the individual members just get a share of any prizes, and the greater the number of members the smaller the share for each person.

Trying to beat the system simply doesn't work - never has and never will. Lottery winning is based on probabilities and luck - the chance of any one set of numbers coming up can be calculated, and the luck is in being the person who selects a set that does come up. Syndicates just improve the odds of a win; the bigger the syndicate the better the chances of a win. The fact that (so far) the UK lottery jackpot has been won more often by individuals than by syndicates must tell you something.

  pj123 15:57 28 May 2006

Just spent some time working out how this system works.

Apparently, you are given 5 static numbers, called "Main" and the sixth number "Floating" is made up of the missing number for each line. eg. if your main numbers are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 then your 44 lines will be: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 etc upwards.

Using my Excel Lottery Checker for my Syndicate I find if only 2 of your main numbers come out then you are guaranteed 4 lines of 3 numbers. Match 3 main numbers and you get 3 lines of 4 and 41 lines of 3, and so on up the scale.

Obviously, doing this by yourself will cost £44 for every entry, so £88 if you do Wed and Sat.

Joining this Syndicate at £5 a week gives you both draws, but how many other members have the same Main numbers as you???

I am thinking about doing the same type of thing for my own Syndicate.

At my next Syndicate meeting I intend to ask whether this would be a feasible option. We all pay £1 each at the moment but to go to 44 lines would only mean paying £1.60 each. We only do the Saturday Draw with an "any 6 from 8" perm. We have to match at least 3 numbers to win anything. With this 44 line system we only need to match 2 numbers which we do almost every week.

  pj123 16:53 28 May 2006

As the FE says, Camelot always boast that:

"1 in 4 Lotto JACKPOTS are won by SYNDICATES"

But that means that 3 in 4 are won by people not in Syndicates.

  pj123 17:38 29 May 2006

Some more research seems to suggest (to me at least) that it requires 44 members for each set of numbers. So 44 people pay £5 a week and get the same numbers for the Lottery draw on Wednesday and Saturday. 44 * 5 = 220. The outlay for 44 tickets on Wednesday and Saturday comes to £88. So what happens to the other £132?

The very least you can win using this system (2 correct) is 4 lines of 3 numbers = £40. Share that out between 44 people???

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