e disc blank dvd review (Terrible)

  Autoschediastic 13:36 17 Sep 2011

Hi having a limited amount of money i was prepared to pay for Dual Layer dvds i found a site with these for sale the advert was "E Disc blank Dual Layer DVD's x50 for £13"...Fantastic i thought although ive never heard of this brand i was willing to give it a gamble for the price,

Up until then i had never heard of the word "COASTER'S" i thought it was a style of ship? anyway the first ten didnt work then the second set of ten didnt in fact it was not until i had hit number 27 Disc that i managed to get a film to work and the quality was HORRIBLE! this was a video that had been transferred from a 14 Megapixel camera directly to the software (ConvertxtoDVD) and i also tried Windows burner & everytime it was terrible quality! 99.9% of the time they wouldnt work in my DVD player or the Xbox or on my PC.? it wasnt the programs cause i had just bought Convertxto dvd and it was the latest version (Version: 4.1.19) plus they had worked on EVERY blank dvd i had used other then this tripe "E Disc".

When i first saw the price of the E Discs i had contacted my brother in law and told him cause he was after some, so he had also bought 50 of them a few weeks later & ive spoken to him late lastnight and he told me he is YET to get one to work? none of them read or transfer any info onto them? Grrr so ive tried to find out who this company is thats manufacturing this rubbish i coulndt find a sole? so NOW i know what a Coaster is...

I would give the discs 0/10 all round and on every basis!

Here is a shot of the exact same discs:


  Forum Editor 18:24 17 Sep 2011

"Fantastic i thought although ive never heard of this brand i was willing to give it a gamble for the price,"

There's a salutory lesson to be learned from this. You were willing to gamble, and gambling means that often you lose out, which is exactly what happened.

  Autoschediastic 21:24 17 Sep 2011

Indeed FE! ive tried and tried and cant find ANY details about this company..Mmmm

  rickf 23:15 17 Sep 2011

I always buy Ritek.Never fails.

  BT 08:52 18 Sep 2011

Download DVD Identifier from

DVD Identifier

This will show you who makes the discs - not always who you expect from the Brand name - and other information.

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