E-Buyer can get things right!

  MIke 14:20 18 Jun 2004

I've seen a number of threads criticising e-buyer. So I thought I'd just say that yesterday I ordered an External hard drive (WD 120GB) off their website. Chose standard delivery which gave a delivery date of 22nd June. It actually arrived today 18th June.

First impressions are it's a good piece of kit. Looks and feels solid. Dead easy to install under XP Home. All you do is plug it in.I've connected via USB2 and it Appears as fast as my internal drives.

I'm happy!

  Totally-braindead 14:24 18 Jun 2004

I'm glad that they got your order right, after the mess they made of my order and the 3 months it took to get the money back I wouldn't buy from them, but if you're happy then great.

  byfordr 14:42 18 Jun 2004

Ebuyer have some of the best, if not the best prices. On the few times they have messed up, I have found by going in a bit harder from the start things are normally cleared up quickly. Last time got to keep the incorrect product they delivered, and got free delivery on the next order and a full refund. Certainly would't give up on them.


  spuds 17:04 18 Jun 2004

I use ebuyer about twice a month, and fingers crossed, they have always delivered at the time and price stated. Never had any problems, and would fully recommend them.

  MIke 17:47 18 Jun 2004

Spuds, I've used them a few times over the last 3 years with no problems either. I guess it's only when things go wrong you know how good or bad they can be.

Still no complaints here

  cream. 18:03 18 Jun 2004


I ordered a 17" monitor on Tuesday night. Received the confirmation and extraction of funds e-mail with in a hour. Delivery was scheduled for next Monday, 28th of June.

It was delivered at 7.15 a.m. on Thursday morning. Well chuffed with the monitor. lol

  MAC 12:29 15 Oct 2004

I order from them every week for my business and on the few occasions they have sent the incorrect part they have told me to keep the unit (usually soundcards) and sent the replacment FOC.

Have had a few hicups but no more than Watford and Dabs.

Just know exactly what it is you want to order. Research the manufacturers web site or visit PC Hell then order it from E-Buyer.

  Stuartli 09:33 16 Oct 2004

E-Buyer, like most online retailers, is geared up to deliver what you want at the price you want on the day you want.

It's when things go wrong and items may have to be returned that problems can arise.

I learned the other day, for instance, that ParcelForce does four deliveries a day of returned items to amazon - and that's just one courier...:-)

Incidentally, I dealt with Vadim Computers (click here) for the first time on Thursday and so far have had several e-mails detailing the progress of my order.

Latest today says that my order "...should be with me on Monday"; I'd paid for the two to five day delivery Super Saver service as there was no urgency.

  Muzzsjm 13:04 18 Oct 2004

Every other order of mine is usually late but I have credit notes and free deliveries to make up for this... I've only had 1 damaged item and they've never got an item wrong.

I think it tends to be City Link that make the mistakes. I think if you live in small village like me City Link cannot be bothered to look for you house.

  Stuartli 13:54 20 Oct 2004

..on Vadim Computers.

The order was delivered as it anticipated on Monday, just after midday.

The product was a Twinhan VisionPlus Ter TV card (now equipped to handle HDTV when available) which delivers Freeview TV and digital radio splendidly - and all for just over £50 delivered.

A review of the card, written about the previous version, stated: "..first impressions are that it outperforms the Hauppauge DEC2000t in every area there is". Certainly it performs as promised (click here)

  BT 09:25 28 Oct 2004

I've used them for 4 years and had no problems. On the one occasion that they sent a wrong item ( a floppy drive instead of a CD ROM) the correct item was sent by return and I got to keep the Floppy drive as well. I probably costs them more than the value of the wrong item to have it returned.

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