E Bay software illegal ?

  User-F2543C90-A375-4957-AC5715C260074746 19:51 27 Jul 2006

I made a mistake today so dont all fire off advice on where I went wrong but I would like help on the answer to this question below

I saw an Ad on Ebay today - from a seller with an E bay shop. I bought software having seen a programme box in the advert - expecting it to be posted.

I failed to see at very bottom of ad next to free postage that nothing would be posted and all Id get was a link!

Well that came by email and it worked - but I suspect its illegal.The vendor will not (and Ive aksed him since) give me proof he owns the key to validate - but it works

Ive written to the piracy link on the co. software website to see if they are interested

My question is this - the link I was given was
click here - does anyone know where this links goes and how - is it some sort of illegal link? No page comes up but the software is there in small box on screen to be downloaded

Im going to take up with Ebay when I know more


  Totally-braindead 19:57 27 Jul 2006

Afraid your link didn't work for me. In short I'm virtually certain it will be illegal. I can't be 100% positive as you don't mention what the program is.

I know the link works! I downloaded from it when I added name of software to the end.

I roo think its illegal -Ive jost had a reply from the vendor to say he cannot provide proof but that he has a licence with the software corp. concerned. A likely tale.

Ive just realised that the link I posted was altered automatically by this message board - it was http doubleslash urlcutter dot com/ softwarename if that help you underdstand where I am on this

  sean-278262 20:48 27 Jul 2006

I guarantee it will be illegal. If the seller is selling legitimate software then it will certainly be provable as such as he would have a licence to sell it through them. Can you tell us the name of said program that you purchased and from who. That will help us in proving that it is illegal for you to file with paypal.

Its acdseepro8 - Ive registered it with the code given - on line - and it works ok.
Ive not heard back from acdsee yet. If this man says he has a licence to sell the only people who can say he is definitely lying are the software copyright owners?

I am inclcined to raise with ebay/paypal but where will that get me? Nowhere I think.

Should I forget? Its not the money thats the issue - the man may be a cheat as he is also selling other links I now see.

  alB 22:31 27 Jul 2006

Make your own minds up...click here

  Midsman2005 22:36 27 Jul 2006

I know you shouldn't let it go.

But really it will be easier if you do.

Raising it with paypal and/or ebay will probably get you nowhere.

The amount of time and effort you put into it will do nothing but aggravate you and will eventually achieve nothing anyway.

It is annoying because the rest of us earn a living in a legal way. It also gets up my nose when people make money this way.

Put a complaint into the copyright people and ebay and then just leave it with them

I would guess nothing will happen, but putting in any more effort on your part is not worth it.

  Forum Editor 23:35 27 Jul 2006

leads directly to a software download, and I wouldn't touch it with a ten-foot pole.

  spuds 11:10 28 Jul 2006

Tried the link yesterday and today. Still getting error messages?.

If you think the seller is dealing in dodgy goods, then contact eBay and/or PayPal.

eBay may suspend the sellers membership while investigations take place, and PayPal may give a refund if a claim is made above £15.00. (£15.00 is their admin charge!).

  ezypcy 11:56 28 Jul 2006

oohgb's link does work if you 'manipulate' it.
It is possibly the free Acdsee Pro8 demo version
supplied with a 'crack' and maybe a tasty bit of
spyware/trojan thrown in.
For Acdsee site click here

Why would someone want to pay for risky downloads?
It is all free on the net but remember it normally
comes with the 'Extras'.......

Helproom Question - "I have this trojan on my pc..."

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