dyson standup vaccuum

  sunnystaines 11:56 26 Nov 2008

anyone one got one, looking at the dc14 model but seem to remember when dyson first come out there was gossip they were just a gimick.

any feedback please.

  laurie53 09:39 01 Dec 2008

Not forgetting that Sony have factories in Wales, Honda in Swindon and Nissan in Sunderland (where, I understand, the product is rated better than the Japanese produced versions).

  Stuartli 11:24 01 Dec 2008

Have you ever heard the expression multinational companies?


I mentioned UK Japanese car manufacturing plants earlier, but you may not have been aware that Sony closed its conventional television manufacturing and assenbling plants in Bridgend and Pencoed some three years ago.

The reason? The sharply rising demand for flat screen TVs.

  Arnie 00:18 02 Dec 2008

"Have you ever heard the expression multinational companies?"

I certainly have. Most of them have taken over much of our once thriving engineering and electronic companies.

  Stuartli 00:26 02 Dec 2008

You need to look again at the expression multinational companies...:-)

  sunnystaines 12:20 06 Dec 2008

had a trek round stores the allergy version seems unobtainable except on the net. managed to pick a better animal version shop display with a damaged box for £150.so pleased,looked at the other makes sebox4, meile, panasonic but the wife liked the dyson and with such a big discount took it.

  oldbeefer2 11:21 07 Dec 2008

I see that Miele are now in the upright market. I think I shall go down that route, even though pricey, as their products are very well made and reliable. Just waiting to read the which? report due out this month. click here

  sunnystaines 18:04 07 Dec 2008

the cleaning results of our new dyson are excellent brings the carpet up as new. Not sure how it does this as there is not a strong suction feel to it and still trying to get to grips fitting the attachments in some configurations.

  Stuartli 18:37 07 Dec 2008

>>"For interest...

I see that Miele are now in the upright market."

For your interest, I pointed out that fact on Page Two of this thread on Wednesday at 22:48..:-)

  oldbeefer2 19:09 07 Dec 2008

Whoops - missed that - sorry!

  sunnystaines 11:10 31 Dec 2008

the first one had problems with a fall in power exchanged it for another that pushed out dust everywhere from the start.

3rd attempt looks like we now have a good one.

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