dyson standup vaccuum

  sunnystaines 11:56 26 Nov 2008

anyone one got one, looking at the dc14 model but seem to remember when dyson first come out there was gossip they were just a gimick.

any feedback please.

  flycatcher1 17:32 29 Nov 2008

We bought a Sebo upright about twelve years ago and added another about two years later. Fabulous but not cheap.

  sunnystaines 10:24 30 Nov 2008


thanks for the link

  Arnie 11:02 30 Nov 2008

You're welcome.

Don't forget to check the site from time to time for added info.

  sunnystaines 11:06 30 Nov 2008


will look at this one along with others when we get a chance to got to a johnlewis store this seems to be the only store these days that still has a good selection of electrical goods on display.

  LastChip 11:50 30 Nov 2008

We've had one for years and the only "extra" thing I've had to do, was replace the cable drum - the ratchet became unreliable. That was about a month ago after probably 6-7 years of use.

Ours is a DC02 (not an upright), but I'd recommend them to anyone.

  Stuartli 11:54 30 Nov 2008

As I've mentioned before, we have a Sebo X4 Extra which is several years old.

It cost the same or less than the Dyson offerings at the time but, in contrast, is built like the proverbial tank and utterly reliable.

Just as you would expect from a German manufacturer...:-)

  oresome 18:26 30 Nov 2008

"Just as you would expect from a German manufacturer...:-)"

Sadly, German manufacturers outsource production to cheaper labour markets like everyone else, so check on the label if this is important to you. I hear that some Bosch washing machines are now manufactured elsewhere.

  Arnie 18:49 30 Nov 2008

"Sadly, German manufacturers outsource production to cheaper labour markets like everyone else".

Sadly you are correct oresome.

Even my 'Japanese' Panasonic 32-LMD70A LCD TV was manufactured in the Czech Republic.
My Panasonic DMR-EZ27EB-K recorders in Slovakia.

It's enough to make Konosuke Matsushita turn over in his grave.

  Stuartli 21:24 30 Nov 2008

The Japanese electrical giants have been manufacturing, for instance, many of their electrical and photographic products in Singapore, Malaysia, Korea and other countries for many years.

The same goes for car manufacturers such as Honda, Nissan and Toyota who have, for instance, large manufacturing plants in the UK as well as elsewhere.

Part of the original reason was down to every rising labour costs in Japan, although the Japanese work hard at ensuring that production standards are as good, if not better, than at home.

As for Bosch, which has developed some of the most important car technologies around, it has manufacturing plants in the States, China, India, UK, Turkey, Poland Germany etc

It also jointly produces appliances with Siemens.

  Arnie 23:51 30 Nov 2008

Quite a cosmopolitan manufacturing setup then. (:0)

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