dyson standup vaccuum

  sunnystaines 11:56 26 Nov 2008

anyone one got one, looking at the dc14 model but seem to remember when dyson first come out there was gossip they were just a gimick.

any feedback please.

  [DELETED] 11:20 28 Nov 2008

...I feel much better than the 785 ex-employees, but thanks for being concerned.


  [DELETED] 11:28 28 Nov 2008

I was very impressed with your rant, that's all. I too am very unhappy with the way jodsworths stifle enterprise in this country now - environmentalists and heath and safety 'experts' seem to go totally OTT.

  [DELETED] 11:43 28 Nov 2008

I tend to agree, when a few flowers and a couple of reptiles threaten 700+ jobs I think we need to examine our responsibility to people rather than the environment. There were more than 700 jobs lost as many UK firms, which supplied plastic bits, were dropped in favour of Malaysian suppliers. One of my friends was part of the team that set up the factory in Asia.


  Arnie 19:30 28 Nov 2008

Around a year ago I bought a Dyson DC19 from John Lewis for £150.
I registered it with Dyson for their 5 year warranty and free tools normally around £35.
To do this I spoke to their support team on a free 0800 telephone service.

The cleaner is the best cylinder type we have bought, with superb suction and cleaning properties.

At least ten years ago I also bought a DC04 upright cleaner. I recently stripped this down and dismantled the motor to check the carbon brushes. Hardly any wear had taken place.

Around two years ago I picked up the same model from a car boot sale for £25.
Again I completely stripped it down. I found it had a new motor fitted and many other new parts.

A past friend who ran a repair shop always remarked how difficult these models were to service.
Except for the old Junior and Senior cleaners, I have found Dyson cleaners come apart quite easily.
Take pictures of the dismantling procedure if you are unsure of the assembly of the parts.

BTW. My wife uses the DC19 and the DC04 daily and she loves them.

  Stuartli 19:38 28 Nov 2008

Not much mention of newts here(!):

click here

  Arnie 00:18 29 Nov 2008

"Except for the old Junior and Senior cleaners, I have found Dyson cleaners come apart quite easily."

Some restructuring is needed here.

Many vacuum cleaners are difficult to repair, except for the old Hoover Junior and Senior models.

I also find Dyson cleaners easy to strip and repair.

This now makes more sense!

  [DELETED] 00:46 29 Nov 2008

so called improved dyson don't buy it, they are bloody hard to put together and the company's improvement program has gone down the drain. I brought a new dyson last year and it isn't the same as the one i brought in 2003. The 2003 version is much better than the one i have now.

The one i have now well the cable quite often refuses to go back in quickly, and there is a loss of suction, if you pick a tissue. The turbo brush isn't that effective

  [DELETED] 11:10 29 Nov 2008

Dyson needed to expand their plant and the field next to them was ideal. This was blocked by the council as it was an SSSI. He then looked at an old factory in Stonehouse which used to belong to the MMB. Again there were all sorts of different problems. Other sites around Brum were considered but there were also problems. The site next to the factory would have been ideal.
Immediately after this Dyson set up a team to go to Malaysia, in order to examine the viability of setting up there as an assembly plant. Malaysia was not his first choice as, in spite of being much cheaper, the plastic injected mouldings are (or were) quite specialised in their complexity and getting local companies to supply them to the required spec was problematical.

'Scabby newts' was slightly tongue-in-cheek but the council did turn down the original application for *ahem* environmental reasons *ahem*. Dyson has kept it's research and design facility here and I'm certain that the ill-fated washing machine assembly plant was here until recently.

Some more info can be found here about his now defunct college proposal click here This quote from near the end should shed some light onto the original factory expansion ' As far as moving the production to the Far East goes, this was a direct result of coming up against similar problems with Malmesbury Borough Council, who refused to allow expansion on the existing brownfield industrial estate. The Elders of Malmesbury did exactly the same thing as the Elders of Bath are doing right now'

I agree that he might have moved abroad whatever happened but he did look a the UK first and if he had been granted planning permission it would have been difficult to move away..who knows?


  sunnystaines 11:28 29 Nov 2008

Thanks all for continued input. is there a web link for diagnoses, fixing repairing dysons that you use. I am not mechanically minded but now confident in building repair pc's. With mixed views on dysons might have to learn to sort them too.

  Arnie 16:47 29 Nov 2008

Try this sunnystaines.

click here and click on Dyson Hints and Tips.

There is also a technical advice section.


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