dyson standup vaccuum

  sunnystaines 11:56 26 Nov 2008

anyone one got one, looking at the dc14 model but seem to remember when dyson first come out there was gossip they were just a gimick.

any feedback please.

  sunnystaines 17:14 26 Nov 2008

thanks for feedback had a look online the cheapest is "discount electrics" but i'm not too sure if its a reliable site or not. then amazon is the next best deal still £80 cheaper than high street prices.

not too sure where these TV programes get the shops with the big discounts from, its not round this way.

  [DELETED] 17:59 26 Nov 2008

Splashed out on one of these earlier in the year click here
a little on the pricey but an excellent piece of kit, got it from John Lewis and came with a 3 year warranty, deals with the carpets after the dog has molted all over them. Had a good report from Which magazine.

  sunnystaines 18:07 26 Nov 2008


not keen to go back to miele again.

  acein1 18:46 26 Nov 2008

still using "VAX 121" now in its 20th year, still as good as new ,if looked after should see another 20

  [DELETED] 19:15 26 Nov 2008

Have the Miele that jellyhead mentioned - does a good job on the dog's hair, but the other half finds it more difficult to use than an upright (it can be hard to push over the carpet on full suction - easier when the fan speed is reduced, but then not so effective with the hair). Thinking of going down the Dyson route now they have a 5 yr warranty - perhaps they can offer that now they are no longer made in the UK, or am I being cynical!?).

  oresome 19:21 26 Nov 2008

We have two Dyson uprights. A DC01 and a DC07 Animal.

I've replaced a brush bar, one belt and a set of wheels on the DC01 since purchase.

No replacements on the DC07, but the hoses on both have split near the end and I've had to shorten the hose and re-attach as a result.

(Two vacs to save carrying one up and down stairs)

  laurie53 19:55 26 Nov 2008

My wife found Dysons much too heavy (use of one arm only) but she recently bought the new one, the one which goes round corners, and swears by it.

I can't get on with it though.

  sunnystaines 20:28 26 Nov 2008

getting good reports just got to get the best price, do i wait for jan sales?

  [DELETED] 20:33 26 Nov 2008

The best thing about dysons is that you can pretty much rebuild them from their online parts store.

click here

There's also loads of Dyson repair "clinics" around.

My DC1 is still going strong, it's had a new cable, hose and replacement brushes...

  Stuartli 22:48 26 Nov 2008

There are loads of Dyson repair "clincis" around for obvious reasons...:-)

Apart from the fact that a Sebo X4 is one of the best uprights you can buy (we've had one for several years), one of the few manufacturers with which Sebo can be compared has just introduced an uprights choice (S7) to its range for the first time.

That's Miele. See:

click here

Not cheap, but Miele builds its products to be reliable and last and last and last...:-)

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