Dymo Labelwriter 320

  AndyJ 16:09 20 Nov 2003

I've just purchased a Dymo Labelwriter 320 and installed it without any problems. However, it refused to print any labels. Finally, I contacted Dymo Helpdesk, who were extremely helpful but it raised a few points that aren't "advertised" with the Labelwriter products.

According to Dymo, these items do not particularly like to be attached to some models of USB hub and they recommend attaching it directly to the PC. This did not cure my problem. They then advised that there are known problems with motherboards using the Via chipset and that I would need to do a firmware upgrade on the unit and if that didn't work an update to the chipset. I did both of these and it still wouldn't work.

They then said that it might need a major BIOS flash upgrade but they recommeded sending it back to the manufacturer just in case the unit was faulty first.

I didn't particularly want to do either and decided to first try it on my laptop to see if the problem was with the unit i.e. it wouldn't work on the laptop, or the BIOS or something else on my main PC i.e. it worked on the laptop.

Result...installed and worked a dream with no problem on the laptop.

Conclusion - beware if you're using a PC more than a year or two old..it may not work with your machine (I thought mine was relatively up-to-date)

On the plus side, when it does work it is a great little item, easy to install. The Dymo Helpdesk team also get top marks for their assistance and speed.

  Jester2K II 16:51 20 Nov 2003

Makes an interesting read.

To be honest the rude price and the fact its monochrome told me to stick to sheets of Avery and my printer (even with its "messy cartridges" ;-) to quote the advert...)

The other night, while the advert for this was on TV, I thought "that looks like a good idea".

I have just looked up the price on the internet. Up to £199 !!!! How on Earth can anybody charge that amount of money for a glorified dymo gun ???

  Jester2K II 10:57 21 Nov 2003

Exactly - although it means no more "messy cartridges"

I saw a box high on a shelf in my local stationers. Something like £29.99 the label said. I asked to look at it. Turned out this was a "selection box" of labels! The printer was £150! Bought a pack of Avery for under a fiver and left...

I think the most expensive was in the region of £200....

Now maybe if you had to do a mail shot it might be good but nothing sheets of Avery and standard ink-jet can't do...

  Djohn 11:46 21 Nov 2003

I think the Idea is very good, just print off one label at a time. but that price! If it was brought down to a more realistic price of £25 to £45 depending on model number, then I think it would sell like hot cakes! j.

  Newuser2 11:55 21 Nov 2003

I have a 310 & my PC is five years old & it's always worked OK. (Kiss of death there me thinks).
I have always had it connected to the PC via a Belkin four port card.
Re prices I'm sure I've seen them for around the £100 mark. (310)
They are good & will print a wide range of label sizes etc. (labels can be a bit pricey) but I think it ease of use outways fiddling with Avery labels on the printer.
My thoughts for what there worth.

  AndyJ 12:17 21 Nov 2003

My intention with this post was to make people aware of the problems they may incur with these label writers, particularly as they came from "the horse's mouth".

However, I do agree that the price is high. As Newuser2 says you can get them lower (I actually paid under £100). The main benefit I've found is for bulk labelling and the ability to rapidly switch between label sizes. I suspect there's more to these items than at first meets the eye, although I haven't had a chance to fully delve inot it yet. Suffice to say, once working, labels were popping out way faster than I could do through my printer.

I'd always printed labels through my normal printer and always found (as Newuser2 says) it to be fiddly and somewhat of a gamble as to whether the final output would be correct.

I'm glad Newuser2 didn't have any problems. It shows it really will depend on your system. I'd be interested to know the chipset being used on the machine.

  Stuartli 13:04 21 Nov 2003

It is presumably powered from the USB port so will need either a dedicated port or a powered USB hub.

But even my seven-year-old Canon BJC600e will happily print an address on an envelope after typing it into the Envelopes and Labels panel in Word...:-)

  kbo64 18:23 21 Nov 2003

G'day All,
Cheaper still. If you've allready printed the recipients address at the top of the document, a windowed envelope costs only a few pence more than a plain one. That way there is no wory of mixing up letters & envelopes too. With a bit of practice, it's not that much effort.

Best wishes

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