[email protected] 13:14 13 Jul 2009

i seem to attract gross incompetence lately or is this just the way things work these days. I think i posted a year ago when the DVLA had hounded me for 8 months, sent debt collector round threatened to repossess my car, that i didn't actually have, my name was Andrew not Adam and i actually lived a door away from where i live now according to their records.
Never received an apology.
Bought a car in february, the dealer included 6 months tax, this runs out at the end of this month. i have the log book or whatever it's called these days. i also received my reminder 2 days ago. so went on line to renew get right to the very end after giving all my details including bank card (i hate that) and get "not possible to complete message"
i call the number on back of reminder and hang up after 6 minutes of pressing different buttons and listening to 'we are busy' messages.
so, i take my insurance certificate, reminder and a cheque (remember them?)
I kinda felt sorry for the lady behind the glass as i have never seen anybody look so depressed. After she threw my insurance details back at me with a look that could kill, she barcode read the reminder and in formed me it said "different at the DVLA" she had no idea what this meant and suggested i contacted the dvla as they were busy, not sure what with exactly, i was the only one in there.
i try the phone method again, and give up at risk my heart will stop. i send them an e-mail address is on back of reminder, 3 hours later i get an email saying this service has been upgraded, i have to type my e-mail again on a form! this is also broken, it wont accept my date of birth, but if i enter zero's in exactly the same format as i entered my date of birth it sent!
nobody likes taxing things, but this really takes the biscuit.

  user8 15:24 13 Jul 2009

Try this link click here
For a local DVLA Office to which you can renew in person.

Oh and good luck!

  [email protected] 16:13 13 Jul 2009

thanks for that.

  lofty29 18:22 14 Jul 2009

I had the reminder yesterday, fortunatley it worked, but when I went to the site I had a message which said"some of the reminder forms have been sent out with the incorrect codes so may not be able to be proccessed, if this happens contact the 0870 number instead". sounds like you have one.

  jack 12:13 15 Jul 2009

So you pay to phone to correct THEIR error Huh!

Try www saynoto 0870.com

  spuds 19:07 15 Jul 2009

The last time I tried to renew the vehichle tax on-line, their system refused to accept credit or debit card details. Had to telephone the DVLA, and apparently they knew that their was a problem with some credit/debit card transactions. The kind lady took the details,and stated everything had now ;gone through' and that I would receive the tax disk, which I did within a few days later.

What the cremlin was with the on-line system, she never mentioned, but everything seemed to work with the old human to human method :O(

  2bathred 19:49 15 Jul 2009

Renewed both mine and my wifes online took less than 5 minutes no problem.

  [email protected] 17:13 16 Jul 2009

i received a replacement reminder today, with a letter explaining they had sent out duff ones.
good job they did, i had forgotten about it.
will try again next day off.
they havnt replied to my complaint, but they never have without a letter from my solicitor.

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