DVD/VHS player problem

  yoghurt 02:11 25 Dec 2004

First, I appreciate this is PC forum, but as I'm only registered with this forum I do not know who else to ask.

So, I've recently bought a DVD/VHS combi (£69.99 with a 3-year guarantee).

As it's my first machine in any form of this description, I'm not too sure what to expect from it. It records and plays okay, but it seems to have a couple of problems.

When I play a DVD, a humming, vibrating noise is heard coming from the DVD compartment, which lasts for about 15 minutes and then disappears - it doesn't
affect the playing of a DVD and doesn't appear on tape recordings.

If I place pressure on the case of the machine above the DVD area, the noise

The second problem is, when I use the Pause/Step control in VHS mode, a white, horizontal, snowy band appears at the top and bottom of the picture.

I've adjusted all the tape settings on the machine, but it makes no difference.

As not all tapes are affected with this problem, could it be a tape problem?

There is no problem with this control when using DVDs.

Thanks for any comments.

  Dorsai 09:23 25 Dec 2004

I dont know about the noise during DVD playback, it may just be the DVD spinning at higher speed at the start of the disk, which is in the middle, causing the case to resonate.

The 'white snowy band' on VHS is perfectly normal.

Many players have 2 'read heads' in the machine, and are unable to read a full picture from the tape when paused. Some machines have 4 or 6 heads, and they can read a full picture, and so the snowy band is much smaller, or even absent.

  Mikè 10:44 25 Dec 2004

At £69.99 (inc 3 year warranty) you have bought a fairly low cost item, and the noisy dvd drive may be something that you will have to put up with.

As regards the noise bar Dorsai has covered this point, I would add to minimise this effect always record in sp mode.

Sorry you may not welcome my final comment, but it may have been better to have spent slightly more and got a better specified product.

For a range of alternatives try click here. COMBINATION&sort=price&pg=1 an excellent supplier (but then they do employ me!)

  yoghurt 13:45 25 Dec 2004

Thanks for the comments.

And BTW, it's a 6-head Tevion MD 42397 model from Aldi.

  HXP 17:51 27 Dec 2004

Snowy bands top & bottom of tape pictures normal - sam on my panasonic as someone else has said some video players have a special head for reading paused tapes.

Vibrating DVD's - If it's just one DVD then it is likely that disk is out of balance in some way. if it's all then I would return for a replacement.

Sounds like you got a good deal though and the advantage with buying a lower cost model is when you do upgrade you will know the thing to look for and the features you want.

Nothing wrong with most of the stuff from Aldi - it all seems reasonable quality at good prices.

When it's time to upgrade try Richersounds.co.uk - very knowledgable people at good kit & prices.


  TomJerry 20:05 27 Dec 2004

if vibration affect all DVDs, it is better to get replace. Vibration is called by unbalnce in rotational parts. If label is not applied centrally on DVD, then vibration is caused by this particular DVD. The vibration appears in all DVD means that the player itself is unbalanced.

Unbalanced player may damage discs, in bad case, discs can get smashed into pieces.

  yoghurt 13:58 29 Dec 2004

Thanks again, everyone.

Just another query, though - my last, I hope.

When my TV aerial is connected to the combi and I view TV pictures that way, they are not as bright and sharp as when I view TV pictures from a directly connected to a TV TV aerial.

So, is it the norm for TV pictures to suffer when put through a combi? If it is, can anything be done, as the pictures are pretty dull?

Although the TV is Nicam, the aerial is 20-years old, so perhaps it isn't suitable for this kind of application?


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