joe95 13:40 06 Nov 2004

my vcr is on its last legs what should I do buy newone, buy dvd/vcr combo or can you buy a dvd recorder to record from tv no doubt this last one one will be very expensive.
Thanks J

  Rayuk 13:56 06 Nov 2004

Options are wide now
Recorder with hard drive
or DVDRW and VCR

Just pop to Comet Dixons Currys website and have a lok

  wjrt 14:15 06 Nov 2004

click here
have excellent deals

  SEASHANTY 14:20 06 Nov 2004

DVD Recorders will make the VCR obsolete, Check out the DVD recorders on this comparison website
click here
I know it says PLAYERS but it includes all the DVD recorders. The Panasonics, JVC's, also support DVD-RAM discs. These discs can be recorded to over and over again (up to 100,000 times). Think of them as a Super VHS 4 hour tape which never wears out and keeps its original quality all the time)... and DVD-RAM quality is far, far better than VHS. The
Panasonic DMR-E55 is a good choice and available for
around £180 or less. All DVD recorders include a tuner and with mine I also have a FREEVIEW box connected to the second scart socket. You will not regret buying a DVD recorder.

  SEASHANTY 14:28 06 Nov 2004

Check out some of the specifications here
click here

  SEASHANTY 19:57 06 Nov 2004

Why you should compare prices. Consider the Panasonic DMR-E55 TESCO £222-87 free dlvy
click here Region 2 JVC DRM10
£278-23 free dlvy Region 2.

Digital-Point JVC DRM10 £203-95 free dlvy Region 2
Panasonic DMR-E55 £193 free dlvy Multi-region
modified (i.e. it will play DVD's from any world region.) Next day dlvy by courier on orders received
before 4 p.m. on workdays. Mine were purchased from this Birmingham outlet. Excellent service.
Clicking on the model illustration will bring up
further details click here

  joe95 23:41 06 Nov 2004

thanks seashanty not tech minded so will take your word, what are you using?Pricerunner leads with best price but it's from Comet they're a little dodgy on dels. so I have heard.

  Confab 10:47 07 Nov 2004

I bought one of these click here recently to replace my old VCR. I haven't regretted it one bit.

Plus points - fantastic recording quality and really easy to use and set up.

Minus points - No RF output just a loop-through. Most have this these days.

If I had to buy another one I would purchase one with a hard-drive though. It makes editing easier.

  SEASHANTY 11:49 07 Nov 2004

Yes, I note Comet are cheapest at £180 on the DMR-E55 which means they are gining free delivery. Unusual for Comet. If you want the multi-region
playback model then DigitalDirect @£189 or Digital-Point @ £193 are a bettewr bet. They both have excellent feedback on the pricerunner website.

If you select the Right hand column on pricerunner and click on "Most Popular DVD Players" then the JVC DRM10 is listed on page 2.

As Confab says the ones with HDD's are best but also more expensive. You can use DVD-RAM discs similarly to a Hard Drive. They will also work on your PC if you get the LG Multiformat DVD writers.
I have the Panasonic DMR-E85 which also has an 80GB HDD but I mainly use the RAM discs. Besides the E85 I also have the DMR-E60 (now superceded by the E65) and also the JVC DRM10. I
still occasionally use my Sony and JVC SVHS VCR's.
Perhaps it's just as well I'm retired. The VCR's are now mainly used for transferring old VHS recordings onto DVD which is simple on a home recorder.

  SEASHANTY 12:10 07 Nov 2004

Explaining DVD-RAM click here

  deke 12:10 07 Nov 2004

Kept for ref

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