DVDR/RW price change...

  [DELETED] 11:45 02 Oct 2003

Hi all I'm going to be needing a DVDR/RW in about 4months time. I've seen a few now that are quite cheap. Just wondering, as I don't need it now that i should wait til when i need it.

As far as i know the only PC component that may rise in price is RAM. So DVDR/RW drives can only get cheaper can't they?


  [DELETED] 12:15 02 Oct 2003

I was reading yesterday that more manufacturers[eg Lite-On]will be releasing 8x writers in the next month or so, with 12x writers becoming available in the Spring of 2004 and possibly 16x before the end of next year.This must surely impact upon the retail prices of the current 4x, which appear to be in freefall at the moment.

  [DELETED] 12:43 02 Oct 2003

well i hope so... i just don't want to find out in 4 months that i can't find a good deal for what ever reason, be it rocketing prices or discontinuation of old stock....

only time will tell.

  Stuartli 14:56 02 Oct 2003

Many Lite-On CD-ROM and rewriters are rebadged from other manufacturers, including Plextor: click here

See: click here for details of most drives and rewriters' original manufacturers and which are rebranded.

There are also hundreds of articles on any subject to do with these products and their media.

My forecast is that DVD rewriters will continue to come down in price steadily - they are already nearly half the cost of a year or so ago - along with the media used with them.

But it's the old, old story - if you choose a product and wait till the price comes down, something even better comes along; in the end you never buy anything....:-)

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