DVD/CD burner software

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Having just installed an LG dvd burner I would appreciate any advice as to a reaonably simple DVD burner software programme.At the moment I am only interested in making up slide shows from photos and videos.Are there any freeware progs.about or not too expensive.

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I was going to suggest Nero myself. Since CDs are cheaper than DVDs if you buy it I would suggest trying it with CDs first in case you muck them up.

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Or use DVD-RW for testing with...

  [DELETED] 16:57 14 Jan 2006

Sonic Record Now! and Sonic DLA.

The latter is Drive Letter Assignment and allows drag and drop writing to a DVD-RW, +RW or RAM in Windows XP without any further software intervention. It achieves this by formatting the disc with a volume name and drive letter so that XP is fooled into treating it like a removable hard-drive! It runs from the CD-drive's context menu and once a disc is formatted, there's nothing else to do.

Without this little bit of trickery, you would need to have some software involved in the write process, like Nero or the standard part of Sonic. DLA makes it much simpler and much quicker as well.

  [DELETED] 16:58 14 Jan 2006

If you use write-once discs, you would use Record Now or Nero or similar in the normal way.

  [DELETED] 17:31 14 Jan 2006

Thanks all for your prompt response,it looks like Nero is favourite.I have been looking at Ashampoo Burning Studio 5,any comments

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For an explanation of Sonic DLA click here

  [DELETED] 15:23 16 Jan 2006

Also take a look at Alcohol 120%, it recognises some file formats Nero doesn't. And it's got a free demo download. click here

  [DELETED] 17:28 16 Jan 2006

You do not need Sonic DLA. DVD RAM driver tools should have been bundled with your LG multidrive. This will allow you to format DVD RAM discs (UDF 1.5 of UDF 2.0) which are then can be used as like any HDD. And DVD-RAM discs can be re-written many times more than DVD RW. It is a pain formatting the RAM disc before use, but is worth it! Lastly, WP tools allows you to write protect your RAM disc.

As for burning software, Nero 7 Premium is not the cheapest on the block, but is very very good with '2 million' users worldwide according to their own publicity. The download is 100 MB!

  [DELETED] 19:53 16 Jan 2006

Nobody said that anyone NEEDS Sonic DLA.

But anyone who has used it will know that it is absolutely the most convenient way of using DVD-RWs and +RWs. It achieves what other software does not; DVD-RWs and +RWs that can be used in Windows XP as drag-&-drop storage media that Windows treats as a hard-disk without any software running. All that you do is format the disc prior to first use.

You would really need to try it for yourself to see exactly how it works.

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