Dvd Writters

  rubans 14:46 04 Aug 2003

I would like to get a dvd writter. However i have no idea on the different standards available and which is the best writter , etc.
Is there any where i can read about this??
Also I'm not too confident when it comes to adding new hardware so would it be better for me to get an external firewire
writter ( i have a firewire port on my sound card ) ?
And finally how long does it take to write 4.7gb of data on 4x. Any information would be very helpfull..

  y_not 17:10 04 Aug 2003

If you are concerned about the format war consider the dual format options - Sony or NEC.

Fitting the drive is simple - three wires (all different so you can't get the wrong one in the wrong slot)

1. Power
2. IDE (ribbon) cable
3. Sound (which connects to your soundcard)

and internal drives are VERY much cheaper than externals.

Writing 4.38Gb data (maximum that a 4.7Gb disk will hold) took me about 25minutes last week when I backed up "My documents" including music and photos (hence the file size).

This was using a minus format DVD-RW but I'm told (but haven't tried yet) that the plus format writes much quicker than the minus but is not as well supported by standalone DVD players.

Hope this helps


  rickf 17:27 04 Aug 2003

My friend hust bought an "Opptowrite?"at the fair on Sat. for £139 and works v. well. Can't remember the name properly. Have a look on the net.

  ams4127 19:38 04 Aug 2003

My Evesham came with a Panasonic DVD writer which can write to DVD-R/RW and DVD RAM disks. Seems excellent.

  [DELETED] 01:44 05 Aug 2003

rickf, its probably the 'OptoRite' dual-format.click here

it has an interseting trick; 'HD-Burn' which allows 1.6GB to be written to CD-R

  [DELETED] 01:45 05 Aug 2003

i was going to add, id be interested to hear if this works,

  rubans 10:40 05 Aug 2003

thanks for the prompt replies people, is there any specific writters you would recommend and also should i go for the retail model instead of the OEM vesions as i don't have the screws etc???

  Muzziad 11:26 05 Aug 2003

doesn't it just do that by some form of zipping? not sure about any loss of quality though.

rubans, go for the OEM if it saves you pounds, as you can buy a bag of screws from your local PC World for pennies, although the retail version might well have some software the OEM doesn't. don't worry about fitting, it's easy. if your PC currently has a slave optical drive just look at the connections when you open up your case and put the leads into the same place on the DVD burner.

  y_not 06:19 06 Aug 2003

click here for the NEC dual writer (on offer)


click here for the Sony (also on offer)

and Bigpockets are a good supplier (use them regularly)

  rubans 13:38 06 Aug 2003

I was looking around for the Sony DW-U10A and found it quite a bit cheeper in Scan for about £130, think i might go for this one. As i won't get any cabels with the OEM version, would i need any to buy or will all be inside my computer ( sorry for my lethargis questions but i'm a complete novice as u can prob guess)

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