DVD writer that burns disc labels

  jakimo 10:24 20 Mar 2005

useful for those who want to burn professional looking disc's.

apologies if this has been previously reported:

click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:07 20 Mar 2005

/me flexes credit card.


  TomJerry 11:47 20 Mar 2005

Philips already produced it. The technology is developed by Philips.

If you want to produce professional looking DVD/CD, two cheaper ways

(1) use a DVD/CD printer and printable media

(2) use full face photo glossy label, and plain DVD/CD and use a proper labling kit

  jakimo 12:07 20 Mar 2005

HP version

click here

  jakimo 12:20 20 Mar 2005

Lightscribe is a step forward, its called progress from what you suggest

Glossy labels are micky mouse,and totally unreliable

DVD\cd printer & printer media (Ive been using for 18 months) are not fade resistant & smudge.

  leo49 12:28 20 Mar 2005

According to a review of the HP model I read a couple of weeks ago this only "prints" in monochrome as yet - the full colour version is still under developement.The moths will be enjoying the company of my credit card for few months yet.

  spuds 12:36 20 Mar 2005

A visit last week to my local PC World seems to offer a Philips product that offers the same thing,about £69.99.Looks very nice. The store also had a display of a duplicator for sale, not sure of brand.

  TomJerry 13:50 20 Mar 2005

I bet that the medias will be expensive.

"Glossy labels are micky mouse,and totally unreliable", I used many of them, never have any problem.

  €dstowe 13:55 20 Mar 2005

I was given a demo of one of these a few days ago.

As Leo says, they are only monochrome as yet but, more important is that you are obliged to use the Photosmart discs to be able to do this. OK, you can write other discs but they will not have the same printing capability.

Much is made in the hype about using the same laser for the printing as is used for the disc burning. Well, with lasers being such delicate and temperamental things, I would rather use them for the more important job and use a printer for printing.

Regarding the comment about printed discs not being fade resistant and prine to smudging, that depends on how you look after your discs. I store mine in their case in the dark and I don't subject them to getting wet - it's only the duff ones I use as coasters;-) Remember that the sensitive (data) side is also susceptible to light and damp damage.

  maz2 14:12 20 Mar 2005

Just buy a Canon Pixma i3000 totally reliable and very professional looking, compatible inks very cheap

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