DVD rippers

  Noelg23 12:30 03 Nov 2004

do these programs actually compress the size of the DVD whilst keeping the same quality? which programs can you recommend? I have DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter but none of these actually reduce the size of the DVD so I can have enough space on my hard drive to store more films and other stuff. yes I know we shouldnt copy off DVDs but I am only doing it for myself. so dont start with all the illegal stuff cos I aint copying for anyone. anyway you cant associate ripping with copying if all your doing is storing it on your hard drive can you? anyway people just please tell me the best programs to get that can convert DVDs to the likes of AVI and MPEG and reduce but not losing too much quality as I know it can be done! and dont tell me to go to the videohelp website cos it dont really tell me what I am asking for. but thanks in advance people. :)

  Octoz 13:08 03 Nov 2004

The problem you have is that (as far as I understand it) ShrinkDVD is used to compress files from an 8.5GB DVD to fit onto a 4.7GB DVD. What you may need to do is to use DVD-/+RW to shrink the film onto and then transfer this to your hard drive.

  Jdoki 13:13 03 Nov 2004

I have used DVD Shrink; you need to change the setting from auto to manual after it reads the disk, then adjust the slider bar to the desired file size/quality setting.

Quality is very subjective. I have found that moving the slider to 75 and even down to 65% results in what I would call 'good' quality. Perfectly watchable with almost no artifacts on a 19" monitor. But file size is still quite large (between 2 and 4GB)

There are many converters around if you want to change to avi etc, but again, quality is subjective and requires some experimentation to find a level that you find acceptable.

  Noelg23 13:55 03 Nov 2004

thanks...but Octoz, I didnt mention a DVD writer as I dont have one yet...I just want them on my hard drive from the DVD disc itself...but I will keep at it and hope someone will offer something soon...thanks...

  jimv7 14:08 03 Nov 2004

Get a bigger hard drive.

  Noelg23 14:44 03 Nov 2004

ur not funny mate...not everyone can afford a new bigger hard drive and I already have two hard drives which make a total of 120GB but it dont matter now I have found a site that has given me all the info I need to make a DVD movie in an AVI file by reducing the size and keeping the quality...

  David4637 16:25 03 Nov 2004

What site did you find the info to make your DVD movie - was it freeware? David

  Diodorus Siculus 21:33 03 Nov 2004

click here - I'm not sure what one jomv7 refers to, but this is a good one.

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