DVD Rewriter advice for beginner

  eric_cantona 12:09 21 Feb 2005

I have a laptop pc and am contemplating purchasing an external dvd rewriter drive for backing up data/music etc.

I'm after some tips, and recommendations to particluar models etc that are any good?

The various formats are confusing, so I would like a rewriter that is compatible with all formats (whatever the difference between them is!), and gives me good speed, and best storage capacity.

I would also be like to be able to view the dvd's on my dvd player?

Obviously, the cheaper the better!

All help is gratefully accepted!

  Diodorus Siculus 13:59 21 Feb 2005

Get a multiformat one; preferably USB2.

click here= for some.

  George Smiley 14:17 21 Feb 2005

I got a Lite-On one from click here who delivered within 5 working days. Reasonable compatability with most DVD types/players for around £60-70 for an external model. For the real deal such as La Cie and Sony, etc expect to pay £100-160+...

  anchor 15:11 21 Feb 2005

If your budget can run to it, (and its still around), the Amacom DiViD Burner is worth a look. It comes with some interesting software too.

click here

Some other external DVD burners are listed here

click here

  TomJerry 15:19 21 Feb 2005

get an internal one (which is much much cheaper) and buy an external enclosure box (very cheap), put the writer into the box, you get yourself a good external write and you will save a least £30 which will buy you a decent burning software or a lot of blanks

for THE best multi-format support, LG 4163 is the one you should get, costs about £40

External enclosure box: USB2 Only Ext. Storage 5.25" CD/HDD Enclosure £14.98 click here

LG GSA-4163BA £41 click here

want to save more, better buy everything from svp, but it has no LG4163 (only LG produce writer which suppoer all format including RAM)

you can get NEC 3520A 16x DVD+/-R writer with 4x Double Layer DVDR writing compatibility and 48x CDR writing compatibility £34.99 (excellent writer, but no DVD RAM support) click here

why not buy Nero burning software from SVP as some blank dvds as well.

SVP is an excellent on-line retailer and I used many times

  eric_cantona 15:43 21 Feb 2005

Cheers for that TomJerry, looks like a good option, more choice with the internal drives.

Will that case fit any internal DVD drive?

  TomJerry 00:43 22 Feb 2005


  eric_cantona 08:10 22 Feb 2005

and would i need to buy any leads or anything? does the dvd simply plug straight into the enclosure unit without any leads?

  TomJerry 10:15 22 Feb 2005

moreover, the usb cable (link the box to laptop) is normally supplied with the box

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