dvd rentals

  bta1 23:21 20 Jan 2005

i know there has been a couple of these already posted but i didn't get what i wanted from the threads.

I am thinking of signing up for the amazon rental service but, (!!!!!) does anyone know if the more recent movies are easily available.

eg, i want to rent a movie that was released on monday am i likely to have to wait four weeks before i get it sent to me?

Also i know amazon count a double disk set as two rentals. This is totally rubbish. Is there one thats as good value, but doesn't do this?

  maz2 23:55 20 Jan 2005

I saw Tesco advertising DVD rentals, but I didn't look at it properly, so you'd have to look at the terms etc, I only saw it by chance so I don't know much about it

  Meng 09:31 21 Jan 2005

Joined amazon rentals 3 weeks ago. The turn around for DVDs is 3 working days. Service is quick and fast. You get an email message as soon as the DVDs are dispatched and they arrive by the next working day. The limitation with Amazon is that you can only rent a maximum of 6 DVDs a month (3 at a time). If you are in the habit of watching a lot more, suggest that you go with one of the other DVD online rentals which generally charge £15 a month unlimited.

Yes, there is "pressure" and some wait in getting the most popular and latest DVDs. I seriously wonder if any of the other DVD on line rentals can always guarantee the DVDs you want when you want it.

In my case, I managed to get a copy of "Collateral" which arrived 2 days after it was released on 17th January. It was my number one priority on my rental list.

  BlondeSteve 11:49 21 Jan 2005

I've just signed up with Amazon, and so far have had no problems... fast, efficient, accurate etc. There have been so many DVD by post services springing up in the last few months though, that I reckon they're all run by the same shadowy corporation lol!

Prior to being with Amazon, I was with Lovefilm for a year, and I only switched because of Amazon's introductory offer. Lovefilm were faultless - great selection, fast and good customer service (they're an offshoot of Channel4 you know).

In terms of newer movies, I think its a case of pot luck... these services probably only purchase a certain number of copies of any given title, so its first come first served. I feel they tend to appeal more to the more eclectic movie-fan though, with the range of older titles available!

  Strangely Brown 07:04 22 Jan 2005

We're using Blockbuster's online rental service and it's fantastic. Similar turnaround to Amazon with no limits on the number of films per month.

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